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Learning the alphabet - key to the future of the child

Learning the alphabet - key to the future of the child.

The sooner he learns to read, the more will be developed in the school and the more opportunities will open before the baby later in life.



Passive Skill.

For the little toy letters hungas well as hang rattles. They should be bright, large and interesting for the scrutiny of. For a later age will be useful toy letters with sound, sounding cubes or interactive books. In memory postponed first form letter, and then link a graphic symbol with the sound. For children from two years old, there are educational cartoons in their plot built memorizing letters, colors and numbers. The most famous, perhaps, "Dasha-tracker".


Active Skill.

The next step - books with the alphabet (requiredgood printing, bright images), "interactive singing the ABC", which works in two modes: training and exam. Many such "pads" can play songs, reproduce animal sounds. This allows you to remove the fatigue of study and change the baby's attention.


Creativity helps fix letters in a memory,correlate them with certain words, phenomena mood. It is no secret that many children find that letters are painted in different colors. You can play with this: draw a colorful alphabet. Or write at night thirty-three stories about the letters. Creative methods in this age, perhaps the most effective, because the training does not cause rejection. And when the child goes to the alphabetic or syllabic reading, he is proud of him, and does not consider reading through hard work.

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