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LEARN lay baby to sleep

Learn how to put your child to sleep

Very often, the sparkle, the child enoughhard to go to sleep and do everything possible to delay the moment of going to sleep, that is, he begins to hide from their parents, want to use the toilet, have a drink.

Parents must remain steadfast and not completely change the preset sleep time, even if the child says he does not want to sleep.

As soon as your child grows older, histhe need for a daily dream is gradually reduced, so you can gradually move going to bed at an earlier time, and opt out of the afternoon nap. But keep in mind that each child's personal need for sleep, it can be different even among brothers and sisters.

To avoid potential problems withlaying the child, you must make sure that his evening was held as calmly as possible, without a television, a computer and noisy games, and it is necessary not only to enclose the child from the TV and computer, and even from the premises where they work.

Do not limit the activity and actions of the child during the day, because if the child plenty enough and the oncoming, in the evening he gets tired and wants to relax himself.

To understand the need for the child torest, observe the him: how he behaves, if he had not slept or went yesterday afternoon to nine at night. In view of these data and observations, you can easily find a suitable for your child's sleep and activity, slightly changing it as they mature kid.

If the day time naps provided, put it immediately after dinner: it is easier to fall asleep at night.

Before going to bed, let him tablespoon of honey mixed with lemon juice. It is not only delicious, but also useful for sleep.

If a child went without whims, be sure to praise him for it when he wakes up.

What not to do

Do not let him dictate their terms andgrafika- stick to punish or intimidate the child, as it was even more rasstroit- not remember about his bad behavior and warn in advance that it is waiting for the reluctance to go to bed.

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