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STUDY to put the child to sleep

Learning to put the baby to sleep</a>

Very often, having played, the child is enoughHeavily goes to bed and does everything possible and impossible in order to put off the moment of retirement, that is, he begins to hide from his parents, want to go to the toilet, drink.

Parents should remain completely unshakable and not change the set time of sleep, even if the child claims that he does not want to sleep.

As your child grows up, hisThe need for a day's sleep gradually decreases, so you can gradually move the sleep to an earlier time, and from daylight sleep at all. But consider that every child needs a dream personal, it can be different even among sisters and brothers.

In order to avoid possible problems withPutting the child, it is necessary to make sure that his evening passed as calmly as possible, without a television, computer and noisy games, and it is necessary not only to fence the child from the TV and computer, but even from the premises where they work.

Do not limit the activity and actions of the child during the day, because if a child plays enough and runs into the evening, he will get tired by the evening and he will want to rest.

In order to understand the child's need forRest, watch him: how he behaves, if he did not sleep during the day or went to bed at nine in the evening. Given such data and observations, you can easily select the appropriate for your child's sleep and activity, slightly changing it as the baby grows up.

If there is daytime sleep in day mode, put it immediately after dinner: it will fall asleep more easily in the evening.

Before going to bed, give him a tablespoon of honey mixed with lemon juice. It is not only delicious, but also useful for sleeping.

If the child has gone without whims, be sure to praise him for it when he wakes up.

What can not be done

Do not let him dictate his terms and conditions.Adhere to the schedule, do not punish and do not intimidate the child, since it will upset him even more, do not remember his bad behavior and warn in advance what awaits him for not wanting to go to bed.

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