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How to learn to pose

How to learn to pose

Virtually anyone under the "barrel" of the camera is lost, does not know what to do with his hands, feet, where to look, how profitable to apply the figure.

As a result, the photos are not very good.



To get a good turn out on photos, you need tofind your "chip", the feature with which you can show itself in a favorable light. One man is smiling, the other - sublime, soulful face, the third - thought. The same applies to the provisions of the legs, arms, body and head. In life, not under the gun camera, people instinctively find their ideal state in which they are like other people. But the front of the camera as soon as the "turn on" the head, the familiar advantageous posture crumbles, and that people no longer know what to do with the limbs and where to look.


Professional models on the contrary learn to understandhis body and face, translate this knowledge to the conscious level. Experienced fashion model is trained properly to keep yourself in the mirror or in front of the camera. As a result, she knows how to emphasize their individuality and beauty, since this knowledge is the result of prolonged exercise.


Thus, there are two ways to learnpose. The first - to ignore the camera to behave as you behave normally. Most people do not seem absurd or strange in their daily lives. A good photographer can help almost anyone to relax, to feel in the comfort zone.


The second way - in advance and rehearse posesgestures. To do this, you first need to look at ourselves. A large mirror is perfect for this. Twirled in front of him, look at yourself from all sides. If at your disposal there is a large dressing table, you get to see not only the front. Rate yourself, start to pick up posture. We need to think about standing poses and angles in the position of sitting and lying down. Make sure that the chosen pose you like, that you look good and at the same time feel as comfortable as possible.


Facial expressions should be trained separately, forYou can use a small mirror. Learn as much as possible to relax the facial muscles, often ugly person in the photo makes the excess muscle tension. Work on your smile, find the option that makes your face harmonious, not distort it. Perhaps the best option would be a smile that does not show your teeth. Typically, it looks more natural.

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