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How to learn physics

How to learn physics

One of the most complex sciences - physics - is very important in human life. It is difficult to name at least one side of the lives of people wherever penetrated physics.

That is why so important to learn and master this difficult but beautiful discipline.

You will need

  • Patience, perseverance



Physics? very difficult science, and therefore not enough just to read the material to learn it. If, for example, the story can begin to learn from any section, any era, from the physics so just will not work. Here, everything is interconnected, and to facilitate their further study of science, we must begin with the basics. It is difficult to find a branch of physics, which have not been used, for example, Newton's laws. And in fact they are studied in the beginning. So do not lose sight of either a single part, all come in handy.


Begin learning the correct partition physicsthe theoretical part. In any textbook theory is given enough attention. Thoughtfully, slowly, prositayte main provisions. Try vosstanosit text from memory. If a complex topic, a lot of new information? read the paragraph again. Let slip the theme aloud or zakonspektiruyte important aspects.


If the theory sorted out, you can startpractice. Neither physics section is not without problems. As a rule, are the most difficult tasks in the study of physics. The desired formula you can be found in the theoretical part. Understand them remember each value. Do not forget the unit, determine their physical meaning. The problem break into subtasks, solve it step by step. If the problem present scheme, be sure to gently draw them, they will help with the decision.

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