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How to learn physics


How to learn physics</a>

One of the most complex sciences - physics - is extremely important in human life. It is difficult to name at least one side of people's lives, wherever physics has penetrated.

That is why it is so important to learn and learn this difficult but excellent discipline.

You will need

  • Patience, perseverance



Physics? A very difficult science, and therefore it is not enough just to read the material in order to learn it. If, for example, a story can begin to be taught from any section, from any era, then with physics it just will not work out exactly. Here everything is interconnected, and in order to facilitate further study of science, it is necessary to begin with the basics. It is difficult to find a section of physics in which Newton's laws were not used, for example. But they are studied at the very beginning. So do not lose sight of any detail, everything is useful.


Begin studying the necessary section of physics withTheoretical part. In any textbook theory is given enough attention. Thoughtfully, slowly, ask for the main points. Try to recover the text from memory. If the topic is complex, a lot of new information? Read the paragraph again. Speak a topic out loud or outline important aspects.


If you understand the theory, you can proceedPractice. No division of physics can do without tasks. As a rule, it is the problems that represent the greatest difficulty in the study of physics. The formulas you need will be found in the theoretical part. Understand them, remember each value. Do not forget about the units of measure, find out their physical meaning. The task is divided into subtasks, solve it step by step. If there are schemes in the task, be sure to draw them carefully, they will help with the solution.

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