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How to learn on their own?

How to teach yourself?

Self-education in the first place is as coursestraining only takes place without the help of teachers. And in the process of self-education people can themselves be creative, think outside the box, and improve their skills.

But it is important to organize the self-study, that this activity is not proved in vain and meaningless.

What to do, to learn to use:

  1. First we need to think about what youYou want to learn, and where this knowledge then you can apply. Since you can learn throughout their lives, there is a big question - why? For general self-development, so that you can make small talk on any topic? Do you want to show off the new knowledge to earn a raise? What do you want to get in the future?
  2. If you have decided that you still need toto acquire knowledge in a particular area, then you should develop a strategy, which will be guided to achieve this goal. Will you attend remedial courses? Or you may well cope by reading professional literature and discussing the obtained knowledge in specialized forums.
  3. When you have decided on the goal, it is necessary toclearly make a plan to achieve it. To do this, you need to clearly divide the time into intervals and to determine what style you will be learning: reading, creative work, discussion, implementation of projects, viewing video lectures, attending seminars, etc. Remember, you can not mix several types of training in the same range, as it will be wasted. And in my head all mixed.
  4. The next step is self-esteem. Since any kind of human activity should be aimed at the effective execution of tasks. After a while, you have to check yourself whether useful knowledge that you poluchili- apply if you have them in life- whether you understand what is studied. Try to everyday life with their new knowledge.
  5. And the final stage of any learning isdiscussion, the transfer of experience to other people. You should definitely talk to others about what you have found a new one. It is desirable to do in order to not to form a one-sided view, but from your point of view. Other opinions will be able to adjust your understanding and you may as well learn something new and add their knowledge.

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