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How to learn to read correctly


How to learn to read correctly</a>

When we read the text with one eye, without pronouncing the word out loud, it does not really matter where it is necessary to make a meaningful pause, or on what syllable to put the stress in a particular word.

Quite an entirely different matter? Reading out loud.

It is not for nothing that teachers, up to the 11th grade, are struggling to make the students learn how to read, with feeling, with sense, with arrangement? ? Such an expression can be heard, perhaps, from any teacher of literature.

You will need

  • Books, audiobooks, stress dictionary



Read books where each word is markedStress. In this format, usually, fairy tales and stories for children are released. The lexical stock in such books is not very large, but there are many words frequently used in speech in which we put the emphasis incorrectly? Call, scoop, start, bows, cakes, etc.


Buy an accent dictionary (orthoepic dictionary). They give the correct version of stress in the word and its forms, examples of the use of words in sentences, explanations. You can also use the online version of these dictionaries, download them and install it on your computer to be able to use the dictionary if necessary.


Listen to audiobooks, specializedRadio broadcasts, in which much attention is paid to the correct pronunciation of words. Reading books, write out those words whose meaning and pronunciation are incomprehensible to you to later turn to the dictionary.


Work with the tutor. The specialist will assess the level of your knowledge, identify the problems, develop a methodology designed to teach you to read correctly.

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