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How to learn to embroider beads


How to learn to embroider beads </a>

Embroidery with beads - the work is quite laborious and laborious, but with due diligence it is possible to turn an ordinary thing into a real author's product.

In addition, from fine beads are obtained wonderful sparkling pictures, and if you do everything correctly and accurately, you will get an original work of art.

Necessary tools and materials

Before embarking on embroidery, prepare allnecessary. Beads can be embroidered on almost any fabric, but beginner needlewomen are recommended to use a canvas, a special fabric for counting embroidery. When making canvas, the threads are interwoven in such a way that small holes are obtained at equal distances from each other, which is very convenient when embroidering pictures with beads.
Prepare a pattern for embroidery. You can use specially prepared for working with beads or take a scheme for cross stitching. Simplify the work of drawing directly on the canvas.
According to the keys to the scheme, choose shades of beads for embroidery. Put it on a piece of cloth and calibrate to fit.
Needles for embroidery must be very thin withA small eyelet that can freely pass through the holes in the beads. In addition, you will need a rectangular embroidery frame for the size of embroidery and special threads for embroidery with beads, which can be purchased at a specialized store for needlework. Such threads are not torn and do not twist during work, which will undoubtedly accelerate the process.

Basic techniques of embroidery with beads

Clamp the fabric in the frame. This will prevent distortion of the embroidery. Stitch the thread on the front side of the fabric, making two or three small stitches in one place. It is more convenient to start embroidery from the lower right corner. String the first bead of the desired color and attach it to the fabric stitch diagonally, then pull the needle into the right bottom hole on the front side of the canvas, re-thread the bead on the string and stitch it diagonally. Similarly, sew all the beads to the end of the row, alternating their shades according to the scheme.
In the next row, continue to sew beads,But move in the opposite direction. You can embroider large pieces of an ornament of the same color, and then embark on embroidery of another fragment, but in this case it is quite easy to make mistakes, so it is recommended that beginners embroider their first job in rows.
When embroidering on fabric, use a "line" seamWhen sewing beads. In this method, each stitch also has one bead. Pull the needle from the wrong side between the first and second beads of the row. Then string the first bead and enter the needle before the first bead. Then withdraw the needle from the wrong side between the second and third beads, string the second and insert the needle from the front side to the underside in the space between the first and second beads. Continue to embroider this way to the end of the row.

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