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How to recognize and change yourself


How to recognize and change yourself</a>

Each of us from the very birth has a close friend, a playmate, support and support. This friend is us.

Strangely enough, but in a stream of endless days,Accounting periods and filling in various papers, we gradually lose contact with it. We cease to hear and react to the advice and wise thoughts that he throws at us - simply by not demanding anything in return.

It becomes more interesting that some learned "guru" speaks on TV than an inner voice.

Where does the desire to change themselves come from and whether it should be done?



About individuality. "There's never been a person like you before, and now there's no one like him, and there will be no more." Realize how much respect has been shown to you by Existence. You are a masterpiece, unique, incomparable, absolutely unique ", - Osho. Why did you decide that someone else knows and understands better than you do? Perhaps he read a lot of books, watched more than a dozen scientific films, traveled a lot, but it is available to everyone. If a person is alive he has the opportunity to develop. However, while you sit in inactivity in the kitchen and say that there is no happiness in life, someone writes another dissertation and is very happy with this life. Only this does not mean that you are worse. Just their priorities and goals. Comparison is an addiction. People initially come to the world with different abilities. Think about it, if there were only poets among us, who would build houses? Or locksmiths, then most likely in the whole world there would not be a single theater. The whole world consists of contradictions and it's beautiful. Since you have come to this space of time, it means that it was very necessary for someone. Stop being sorry for yourself, better think about what you lack to feel your own worth: education, upbringing, maybe beauty? All of the above - it's a real thing. The main thing to want. Love yourself. Go to the mirror, look into the eyes, smile and say: "Hello. Such a person as you are no longer in the whole world. "

How to recognize and change yourself


Get rid of fear. "Accept your fears, let them do the worst - and cut them off when they try to use it. If you do not do this - they will start cloning themselves like mushrooms, surround you from all sides and close the way to the life that you want to choose. Every turn you are afraid of is just a void that pretends to be an irresistible hell, "R. Bach. The feeling of fear is closely connected with the instinct of self-preservation. In those cases when it protects us from reckless actions, saving from everyday storms and unpleasant consequences is very good. But, as soon as you feel that it prevents you from living, you must urgently end your fear. Now it would be logical to begin to talk about internal self-control, meditation, faith, but all of the above applies only to very enlightened people, to whom we are far away. Therefore, experts suggest starting to be afraid specifically. I'm not kidding. When you try, you will understand that it is not only impossible to do anything through force, but also tedious. As soon as the next time there is a feeling of anxiety, begin to increase it - consciously, as a result, this lesson simply bothers you, and you can calmly do your business.

How to recognize and change yourself


The question of acceptance. "Stop condemning yourself. Instead, start accepting yourself with all the shortcomings, weaknesses, mistakes, failures. Do not demand perfection from yourself. You demand the impossible, and disappointment awaits you. After all, you are, after all, a person ", - Osho. How often are you dissatisfied with something: height, weight, financial position, husband or wife of some kind? There is nothing surprising in this. All people suffer the same problems, it's just that not everyone puts on public display. The saying goes: "The grass is greener behind a stranger's fence," as well as it describes the average views on life. Stop, finally, condemn yourself. If one keeps saying day after day that everything is bad, it will not be better. Only worse - you can earn some form of mental disorder. Understand, another growth, a nose, you will not have the color of your eyes - this is what is given from birth, as well as fingerprints. As for the weight or the spouse is easier here. You can lose weight, and the wife if you want to replace. But it's so joke sake. In fact, the main task is to concentrate our attention on achievable goals, to understand what we really want and not to turn off halfway. The road to success is not easy, but if you do not start moving, then you will remain, like that hero at a crossroads. The phrase: "I love and accept myself as I am" - should become a life goal. Start the day with a smile, the universe reacts clearly to our mood and gives what we expect. But do not confuse it with the expectation.

How to recognize and change yourself

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