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How to learn and change themselves

How do I find and change himself

Each of us from birth, have a close friend, playmate, support and support. This one - ourselves.

Oddly enough, but endless days in the stream,periods and filling various papers, we gradually lose contact with him. Ceased to hear and respond to the advice and wise thoughts, which he throws to us - just asking nothing in return.

It becomes more interesting, says that any scientist "guru" on television, than the inner voice.

Whence comes the desire to change themselves and whether it is necessary to do so?



On personality. "Such a person, like you, have never before been, and now, too, no one is the same, and will continue to be no. Realize how much respect you showed to the existence. You - a masterpiece, unique, incomparable, totally unique "- Osho. Why did you decide that someone else knows better than you and understands life? Perhaps he read many books, looked more than a dozen scientific films, a lot of traveling, but because it is available and everyone. If a person is alive, he has a chance to develop. However, while you are sitting in the kitchen of inactivity and hard, there is no happiness in life, someone wrote another thesis, and very pleased with this very life. Only it does not mean that you are worse. Just priorities and goals at everyone. Comparison - this addiction. People initially come into the world with different abilities. Think about it, if we were only among the poets who would have been to build a house? Or locksmiths, then most likely in the whole world would not find a single theater. The whole world consists of contradictions, and that's fine. Since you have come into this space time, so someone that was very necessary. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, better to think about what you lack for a sense of self-importance: education, training, can be beauty? All of the above - will come with time. The main thing to want. Love yourself. Go to the mirror, look in the eye, smile and say: "Hello. Such a person, you are no more in the whole world. "

How do I find and change himself


Get rid of the fear. "Accept your fears, let him get up to the worst - and cut them when they try to take advantage of it. If you do not do - they will clone themselves, like mushrooms, surround you on all sides, and closed the road to the life that you want to choose. Each turn, which you are afraid - just a void, which pretends to be irresistible underworld "- R.Bah. The feeling of fear is closely connected with the instinct of self-preservation. In cases when it saves us from reckless actions, has protected from the storms of life and the unpleasant consequences - is very good. But as soon as you feel that it hinders you to live, we must urgently end the fear. Now it would be logical to start to talk about the inner self-control, meditation, faith, but all of the above is only suitable for a very enlightened people, to whom we are with you far. Therefore, experts suggest to start to be afraid specifically. I'm not kidding. When you try, you will realize that to do anything by force is not only impossible, but also tiring. As soon as the next time will be a feeling of anxiety, start to increase it - consciously, as a result of this occupation simply get bored, and you with peace of mind will be able to go about their business.

How do I find and change himself


The question of acceptance. "Stop judging yourself. Instead, begin to accept yourself with all the flaws, weaknesses, mistakes, failures. Do not demand perfection from yourself. You demand the impossible, and you will be disappointed. After all, you in the end, the man "- Osho. How often do you have something in themselves dissatisfied: height, weight, financial status, husband or wife, some not so? There is nothing surprising in this. All people suffer absolutely the same problems, just not all put on public display. The saying, "a stranger fence grass is greener", it could not be better characterize the average outlook on life. Stop finally condemn himself. If every day to insist that everything is bad - better not be. Only worse - you can earn some form of mental disorder. Understand another growth, nose, eye color you already will not - is what is given from birth, as well as fingerprints. With regard to weight or spouse here easier. You can lose weight, but the wife replaced if desired. But it is a joke. In fact, the main task - to focus on achievable goals, to understand what really want and do not collapse halfway. The road to success is never easy, but if you do not start a movement, and will remain as the hero at the crossroads. The phrase, "I love and accept myself for who I am" - should become a vital installation. Start the day with a smile, the universe responds clearly to our spirit and gives what we are waiting for. However, do not confuse this with the forward.

How do I find and change himself

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