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How to Learn Accounting

How to study accounting

You have decided to learn the profession of accountant, or supplement their professional knowledge in the field of business? Ways to study accounting there are many.

Choose the right for you.



Apply in specialized secondary orinstitution of higher education in the accounting department. If you - a graduate of the 9th grade, you'll like college or college with the relevant faculty. Training can take place either in person or in absentia, and in the evening. Duration of training after the 9 th grade - 3-4 years, after the 11th class - from 10 months to a year.


Enrolled in a higher education institutionappropriate direction, if your education is of 11 classes. Forms of training may also be different: full-time, part-time or evening. training period is 5-6 years. But the training period may be reduced to 3-4 years in the case of your secondary special education of the corresponding profile.


Sign up for short courses of accountingaccounting. Term visits of such courses varies from one to four months. Theoretical tasks are combined with practical, at the end of course exam and shall be issued a certificate of accounting courses. Good courses should include work with computer programs, which are indispensable for bookkeeping up to date, such as: "1C: Accounting", "1C: Enterprise" and others.


Hire a tutor who will assist you indevelopment of accounting. This may be an experienced accountant who has the ability to transmit the knowledge accumulated in the form accessible to the beginner. Theoretical knowledge is combined with practical exercises: with the preparation of accounting entries, problem solving, etc.


Engage in self-education. This is the most difficult path of all, but given the high self-organization, there is a good training literature or computer programs such as education, this idea is feasible. It valued above all the knowledge and skills in the modern world, and then the presence of "the formation of a crust."

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