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How to study accounting


How to study accounting</a>

Have you decided to master the profession of an accountant, or to supplement your professional knowledge in the field of business? There are a lot of ways of studying accounting.

Choose the right one for you.



Apply to a secondary special orHigher education institution in the faculty of accounting. If you are a graduate of the 9th grade, then you will come to a technical school or college with a corresponding faculty. Training can be conducted both in full-time, and in correspondence, and in the evening. The term of training after the 9th grade is 3-4 years, after the 11th grade - from 10 months to a year.


Enroll in a higher educational institutionIf your education is 11 classes. Forms of training can also be different: full-time, part-time or evening. The training period will be 5-6 years. But the term of training can be reduced to 3-4 years if you have a secondary specialized education of the appropriate profile.


Apply for a short-term accounting courseAccounting. The duration of such courses is from one to four months. Theoretical assignments are combined with practical ones, at the end of the courses an exam is passed and a certificate of the course of accounting is issued. Good courses should include work with computer programs, without which it is impossible to keep accounting at the modern level, such as: 1C: Accounting, 1C: Enterprise, etc.


Hire a tutor who will assist you inDevelopment of accounting. It can be an experienced accountant who has the ability to transfer accumulated knowledge in a form that is accessible to the beginner. Theoretical knowledge is combined with practical exercises: with the preparation of accounting transactions, the solution of tasks, etc.


Do yourself self-education. This is the most difficult path of all, but subject to high self-organization, the availability of good educational literature or computer programs of an educational type, this idea is quite feasible. After all, in the modern world, knowledge and skills are primarily valued, and then there is the presence of a "crust on education".

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