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How to learn a poem

How to learn a poem

Learn the poem - not an easy task.

Easy to say, but sometimes do not so simple.

We must be guided by a special technique for the perfect memory of a poem from a simple memory to memorize each line separately.



Learn the poem should be in a calm state, concentrated. Best of all in complete silence. Since even a small voltage, the diversion from the verse prevents him to learn.


It is necessary to read the poem several times before going to bed. This method is often used by people with a very good memory. Unfortunately, for others it may be less effective.


An interesting technique - memorizing for quatrain. Take, for example, a well-known verse of Alexander Pushkin? Prisoner ?. And start learning first quatrain:
? I sit behind bars in prison raw.

Breastfed captive eagle young,

My sad friend, waving wing,

Bloody food pecks at the window?


Teach the first line, repeat 3-4 times, and notlooking at the text. Then, reading speed up the pace and make the emphasis on the first word. Just teach second place (apart from the first). Then connect the two lines and repeat them, speeding up the pace.


Then connect the other lines already available, repeat the whole stanza.


Efficiency of the method is that it, among otheralia, develops memory speed. And if the first few times had to learn for a long time, after getting used to the way the method will seem simple and verse memorized faster at times. More often quatrains immediately.

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