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How to learn poems


How to learn poems</a>

To learn a poem is not an easy task.

It's easy to say, but sometimes it's not so simple.

We need to be guided by a special technique for the perfect memorization of the whole poem: from simple memorizing to memorizing each line separately.



The poem must be taught in a calm state, concentrated. Best of all in complete silence. Because even a small tension, the distraction from the verse itself prevents him from learning.


We must read the poem several times before going to bed. This method is very often used by people with very good memory. Unfortunately, for others it can become less effective.


An interesting technique is learning by quatrains. Take, for example, the famous verse of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, the Prisoner ?. And begin to teach the first quatrain:
I'm sitting behind bars in a damp dump.

Captured in captivity is an eagle young,

My sad comrade, waving his wings,

Bloody food bites under the window?


Learn the first line, repeat 3-4 times, and notLooking at the text. Then speed up the pace of reading and focus on the first word. Just learn the second line (separate from the first). Then connect both lines and repeat them, speeding up the tempo.


Then attach the remaining lines and repeat the whole quatrain freely.


The effectiveness of the method is that, in addition to everythingOther things, develops memory, speed. And if at first times you had to learn for a long time, then after getting used to the method, the method will seem simple and the verse learns faster at times. Most often by quatrains immediately.

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