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LAYERED liquor based cocktails


Layered cocktails based on liqueur</a>

Now there is a huge selection of different liqueurs, on the basis of which you can prepare interesting alcoholic cocktails with different tastes.

At home, it is very easy to prepare a layered cocktail with liquor, if all the necessary components are at hand.

Let's consider some recipes that are suitable for a festive feast.

Cocktail "Mad Matt"
- 15 ml of liqueur Cream de Ment -
- 10 ml of liqueur "Frangelico" -
- 10 ml of liqueur "Maraschin" -
- 10 ml of liqueur "Amaretto" -
- 10 ml of high-quality vodka.
Pour all the above components of the cocktail layers into a glass, set the top layer on fire. This cocktail refreshes and burns simultaneously, it turns out an incredible effect!
Cocktail "Mosaic"
- 20 ml of strawberry liqueur-
- 20 ml of liqueur "Mint" -
- 20 ml of brandy "Blackberry" -
- strawberries, food ice.
In the glass add ice cubes, pour in both layers of liquor, then brandy. On the strawberries, make an incision in the middle, decorate the edge of the glass with it.
"Controversy" cocktail
- 30 ml of liquor "Blue Curacao" -
- 10 ml of aniseed vodka-
- 8 ml of cherry brandy-
A pinch of cinnamon.
Pour into the glass first liqueur, then cherry brandy and vodka. Sprinkle cinnamon on top, do not mix!
Cocktail "Forget Me"
- 20 ml of liqueur "Cream de Violet" -
- 20 ml of Cream de Noya liqueur -
- 15 ml of rum-
- 15 ml of tequila-
- Flower of forget-me-not.
Pour in the glass layers of both liquors, followed by rum and tequila. Decorate the glass with a forget-me-not flower. This cocktail is also layered, mixing components is not required.

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