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Layered cocktails on the basis of liquor

Layered cocktails on the basis of liquor

Now there is a huge variety of different liquors, on which you can prepare interesting alcoholic drinks with different flavors.

The home is very easy to prepare layered cocktail with liquor, if all the necessary components are already at hand.

Consider a few recipes that are perfect for a celebratory feast.

Cocktail "Mad Matt"
- 15 ml of liquor "Creme de Menthe" -
- 10 ml of liquor "Frandzheliko" -
- 10 ml liqueur "maraschino" -
- 10 ml of liquor "Amaretto" -
- 10 ml of high-quality vodka.
Pour all of the ingredients in a cocktail glass layers, set fire to the upper layer. Such a refreshing cocktail and burn at the same time, it turns out an incredible effect!
Cocktail "Mosaic"
- 20 ml of strawberry likera-
- 20 ml of liquor "Mint" -
- 20 ml brandy "Blackberry" -
- Strawberries, edible ice.
In a glass, add ice cubes, pour two layers liqueur, brandy afterwards. On berries strawberries make an incision in the middle, it decorate the edge of the glass.
Cocktail "Confrontation"
- 30 ml of liquor "Blue Curacao" -
- 10 ml anise vodki-
- 8 ml cherry brendi-
- A pinch of cinnamon.
Pour into a glass of liquor first, then the cherry brandy and vodka. Sprinkle with cinnamon, do not mix!
Cocktail "Forget-Me"
- 20 ml of liquor "Creme de Violette '-
- 20 ml of liquor "Creme de Noja" -
- 15 ml of Romanov
- 15 ml tekily-
- Flower forget-me.
Pour into the glass layers of the two liquor, after - rum and tequila. Decorate glass flower forget-me. This cocktail is also layered, mix the components is not required.

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