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How to lay tile

How to lay tile

To finish the floor space is often used tiles. Tiles come in different forms and styles.

In order to properly lay the tile, you need to have sufficient knowledge.

This article describes how to lay tile correctly.



The work should start with laying the tiles on the floors or flooring. Thereafter, the cladding. Lining fastening carried tiles to a vertical surface.


First you need to make and install the screedBeacons. Straight or diagonal Grinding tiles on the solution is carried out immediately after the screed is made. By marking need to put the intermediate and frieze rows of tiles. in threes tiles in all corners of the room must be placed infrieze of Lighthouse series. Also on the frieze of the line is necessary to lay a few tiles. They should be at a distance of 2.5 meters from each other. Intermediate series stacked only in a large room, which has an area of ​​10 square meters.


Smooth and wet screed must be covered with a thin layer of cement. cut and dried tiles and laid in the intermediate Lighthouse series. Slightly presses it to the base. Tile floors must be laid out separate strips-zahvatki along the entire wall. Zahvatki must have a width of about 50 centimeters.


Before plank floor tiles, should be well leveled ground. If the ground is uneven and the screed has hardened, the Grinding is carried out in another way. Levelling and strengthen tiles You need using grout. Ties should be moistened with water. After that, the screed is applied to 10 mm layer of mortar. When laying the tiles need utaplivat them into a solution at 5.3 millimeters, it is necessary to check that they were equal.


It is best to put tiles in this way: laid row of tiles, and then we place them on a small board and hit it with a hammer. So it is necessary to align the entire series. If the tiles were below the lighthouse, then under them it is necessary to put a solution and level the series again. After 2-4 days the solution, which is under the tiles, will be strong. On this floor you can move around. Seams can be filled with a special grout.

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