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How to lay the table

How to lay the table

You are going to spend the evening in a pleasant company of friends.

Think how beautiful and optimally serve the table for the arrival of guests to the maximum release some time, which will spend at the table, is not running for one or another missing device.

You will need

  • Tablecloth, crockery, cutlery, glasses, wine glasses, cloth napkins.



Will lay a table cloth. The tablecloth must be ironed and linen. The edges of the tablecloth should go down and cover the legs of the table, but do not touch the chair seat. If the cloth hangs down below, it will bring inconvenience to your guests.


We place on the tablecloth on the shell plateAmong the guests. Plates are placed at a distance of 2 cm from the edge of the table, next to each seating position. On the shell plates are placed snack plate, a smaller diameter. Napkins, twisted or folded triangle pyramid, put on a plate.


Next to a front plate is placed instruments. Knives are on the right side of the plate and a fork on the left, up the teeth. The most distant from the plate positioned instruments that will be needed first. If the menu is provided soup, the soup spoon lying on top of the skid plate.


Wine glasses and wine glasses served right on a plate, closeto the middle of the table, parallel to the length of the table. Far pose the biggest glass of water, are located to the left of his glasses and glasses, as the decrease in size.


Plates with sliced ​​bread and devices for spices put on opposite sides of the table, so that everyone was comfortable reach.
Dishes with cold snacks and salads served immediately, even before the arrival of guests. Hot food should be served well-warmed, immediately prior to use.

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