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How to serve table


How to serve table</a>

You are going to spend the evening in a pleasant company of friends.

Think about how beautifully and optimally the table can be served for the arrival of guests in order to maximize the time spent at the table without running after one or another missing device.

You will need

  • Tablecloth, crockery, cutlery, glasses, glasses, tissue napkins.



Cover the table with a tablecloth. Table cloth should be linen and ironed. The edges of the tablecloth should go down and cover the legs of the table, but do not touch the seat chairs. If the tablecloth hangs lower, this will cause inconvenience to your guests.


We arrange on the tablecloth dummy plates forNumber of guests. Plates are placed at a distance of 2 cm from the edge of the table, opposite each sitting place. Snack plates are placed on the front plates, of smaller diameter. Napkins, twisted by a pyramid or folded in a triangle, are placed on plates.


Next to the dummy plate we place the instruments. Knives lie on the right side of the plate, and the forks with the left, denticles up. The farthest from the dish are the instruments that will be needed first. If the menu provides a soup, then the soup spoon lies on top of the lining plate.


Glasses and glasses are served to the right of the plate, closerTo the middle of the table, parallel to the length of the table. Far away put the largest glass for water, to the left of it there are glasses and glasses, in process of decrease in the sizes.


Plates with sliced ​​bread and appliances for spices are placed in opposite parts of the table, so that it would be convenient for everyone to reach out.
Dishes with cold appetizers and salads are covered immediately, even before the arrival of guests. Hot dishes should be served well heated, immediately before use.

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