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How to put photos in the network

How to post pictures to the network

With the advent of digital photography decided a lot of problems.

No need to suffer with films, film development, printing.

To show the best pictures to friends, send them by email.

But if you need to get your photos seen a lot of people, it makes sense to put them on the Internet.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - the Internet.



In order to have your author's photographs couldseen on the Internet, they should be put on any site. Now there are many online services created specifically for storing user photos. To use some of them require registration, while others allow you to work without authorization. Services of this kind are paid and free. Paid account usually allows you to upload more pictures than the free, but in practice it is only necessary for professional photographers. Upload a photo, you will be able to link to the desired pictures if you need them to someone to show.


In addition, pictures can be downloaded to aa social network where you are registered. This method is suitable if you want to see your photos, subscribers and friends. In social networks, you can set the privacy settings for photos and albums that will help protect your photos from prying eyes. And to your photos could see as many people use services such as, for example, Yandex.Fotki. Here you will be able to affix a label to each photo, so that it could search for other users.


Select the resource to which you will uploadphotos, be sure to prepare them for the Internet. Raw images are usually large in size, making it difficult to download and view. This is because the quality requirements for printing photos is much higher than for viewing on a computer screen. Accordingly, it is necessary to change the quality of pictures, so as not to face problems too long download. Almost any editing software offers the option to optimize pictures for the Internet, reducing the size and resolution (number of pixels per square inch - dpi). When the recording is considered to be an optimal resolution of 300 dpi, it is sufficient for the Internet 70-80.


Once you have prepared your photos tounloading, simply follow the steps of the service that you like. Some resources allow you to download whole albums of photographs, have spread to other photos one by one.

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