How to make lags


In order to make the base of the floor, it is necessary to lay logs, chipboard or other insulation, which is laid with cold mastic on reinforced concrete floors.

Wooden logs, these are not planed boards 80-100 mm long and 25 mm thick, and it's necessary to know some nuances in order to properly lay them.



Thus, the surface of the RC of the overlap, on whichPlan to lay logs, should be cleaned and well primed. Under the lags lay the pads for soundproofing, you can use chipboard slabs or lay logs on top of the layer (the thickness is set by the project) of sand or slag.


If you lay logs on the first floor, then you canStack on bricks. Observe the distance between the axes of the log not more than 60 cm. Do not exceed the clearance of 30 mm between the lags and the wall surface. Short, join each other end-to-end (removal of joints at least 50 cm). Keep track of the length of the docking lag, it should not be less than 1 meter.


Check the correct location withThe control bar, which should touch (excluding gaps) of all logs. If there are low lags, lift them up, pound their soundproof pads with a layer of sand or chipboard. In no event, do not break the logs with wooden wedges.


To avoid bias, before laying the coatingFix the logs with boards, nailing them with nails. First lay on the soundproofing pad, while observing the distance from the wall about 2-3 cm. First lay the beacon lags (after 2 m). Check their level with the level. Do not forget that the upper plane of the log, should be below the level of the finishing floor for the thickness of any cover.


Following the way you checked the horizontalLighthouse lag, in the level of lay intermediate (step 400-500 mm). Do not forget that the logs should lie on the entire surface of the soundproofing gasket. If there is a need, then place an additional layer of material underneath them.


Short lags, join with a cut in the middle orEnd-to-end, while shifting adjacent joints by half a meter. To check the horizontality of the lag, use a two-meter rake with a level. Place the rail on the surface so that there are no gaps. To avoid displacement, the verified lags temporarily cross the boards.

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