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How to lay carpet

How to lay carpet

Carpeting - it's a great flooring that is very similar in its properties to the carpet.

Characterized in that the edges are attached evenly around the room.

It has good thermal insulationproperties sufficiently good noise isolation, high wear resistance, antistatic, and can also maintain room temperature through heat retention. Therefore, to lay a carpet can be in the rooms of houses, for example, children, as well as in larger areas, such as an office.

Another undoubted advantage is that,that modern carpets are produced in sufficient wide range of colors, which makes it possible to choose the version of the design for almost any room.

You will need

  • - Bolshie- scissors
  • - marker
  • - Special clamping plintusy-
  • - samorezy-
  • - shurupovert-
  • - Hacksaw.



Before buying the carpet thoroughly measurethe room in which you will lay it to within polusantimetra. Select the store covering such width that it just overlaps your room. It is best if you are right there narezhut carpet in your size, taking into account the fact that the walls have to fall back 0.5 cm. Fold the workpiece you bought a roll and Bring home. Except for the carpet clamping buy plinths, which are fastened to the wall with screws. Very convenient plinths with inside cable channels, which can hide the television, telephone and other wires. Skirting select a detachable central part where hidden head screws.


Now in the room as possible, level floor,if you floor the curves, with a barely noticeable slope, then choose a carpet with a large pile, he will hide these flaws by yourself. Remove all the furniture, sweep and wash floors, use with detergents, but can also be used bleach containing chlorine. With it, you will destroy all bacteria, ground fleas, mites and carpet. Dry the floor, vacuuming.


Spread a carpet on the floor of the room, align. Begin to fix it with a narrow side of the room. Measure out the required length of the plinth, saw off his hacksaw, as it gives an even saw cut. Attach the plinth to the wall and carpet, drill the holes for the plastic anchors and insert them and tighten the screws. If the walls are wooden dowels that you do not need. Screws should be placed every two feet. Now, pulling the carpet, fix the skirting board on the opposite side. Then, already in the side walls. Your carpet should hold fast to the floor, completely motionless. Once a year, you can remove the carpet, flooring processed from pests.

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