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Laryngitis: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

Laryngitis - is inflammation of the mucosa and submucosa of the trachea and the throat.

Laryngitis arises as a result of other diseases, such as tonsillitis or rhinitis, as well as their own.

How does laryngitis

  1. Pain when swallowing
  2. Tickling, dryness and soreness in the throat
  3. Disappears or becomes hoarse voice
  4. Headache
  5. Increased body temperature
  6. Dry cough

Laryngitis passes after 2 weeks. But if the symptoms have passed, it is necessary to re-pass treatment. Nedolechennaya laryngitis may become chronic, which is characterized by hoarseness, persistent cough and fatigue.

Diagnosis of laryngitis

To clarify the diagnosis using laryngoscopy (examination of the mucosa of the larynx using special mirrors). Laboratory diagnosis of laryngitis is to confirm the signs of inflammation.

Treatment of laryngitis

laryngitis disease does not require stationarytreatment. The patient is forbidden to talk during the week. Do not take spicy food, taking alcohol and smoking. At high temperature and a specific pathogen prescribed antibiotic. When used cough cold preparations.

Prevention of laryngitis

Prevention of laryngitis - this warning colds. Do not contact with sick people, not supercool, more often in the air.

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