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LAPAGERIA: care for a rare beauty


Lapegeria: care for a rare beauty</a>

Lapageria is almost never found in flower shops, but if you become a happy owner of this beauty, consider that you are incredibly lucky.

The main feature of lapagheria is the bells of pink or white color, located in the axils of oval dark green leaves.

Lapageria belongs to the filesian family, and itsHomeland is Chile. In European countries, it appeared in the XVIII century. Lapageria was brought by the Spanish ambassador and presented to his wife Napoleon. In her maiden name was de la Pajéry, which is what gave the name to the overseas plant.
In natural conditions the lapageria reaches 3Meters in height. Home copies have a more modest size, but in a few years they can grow up to 2 meters. The plant can blossom at any time of the year.
Lapagheria categorically does not tolerate directSun rays, so you need to put it in a place where it will be provided with diffused light and partial shade. Ideal - windows from the west or east side.
In summer, the plant feels comfortable at a temperature of + 20-25 degrees, and in winter it is recommended to contain at + 10-14 degrees.
Watering should be moderate, and watch that,So that the soil between the moisturizers could dry out. Water should be used in a stand-by and heated to room temperature. Lapageria needs regular spraying.
Transplant the plant every year, because it has a fairly powerful root system. The soil should consist of 1 part of cleaned sand, 1 part of garden soil and 1 part of peat or leaf land.

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