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LAPAGERIYA: care of rare beauty

Lapageriya: care of rare beauty

Lapageriya hardly found in flower shops, but if you become a proud owner of this beauty, consider yourself very lucky.

Lapagerii main feature - it's bells pink or white color, which are located in the axils of the oval dark green leaves.

Lapageriya filezievyh belongs to the family, and herIt is home to Chile. In European countries, she appeared in the XVIII century. Lapageriyu brought the Spanish ambassador and presented to Napoleon's wife. In her maiden name was de la Pazheri, this is what gave the name of a plant overseas.
In vivo lapageriya reaches 3meters in height. Household items are more modest in size, but in a few years they can grow up to 2 meters. Flowering plant can at any time of the year.
Lapageriya categorically not tolerate directsunlight, so it needs to be put in a place where it will be provided by ambient light and penumbra. Ideal - a window on the west or east side.
In summer the plant feels comfortable at a temperature of + 20-25 degrees, and in winter it is recommended to keep at + 10-14 degrees.
Watering should be moderate, and make sure that,moistening the soil had time to dry between. Water should be used to settle and warmed to room temperature. Lapageriya requires regular spraying.
Repot the plant should be every year, because he has a pretty strong root system. The soil should consist of 1 part of refined sand, 1 part garden soil and one part peat moss or leaf soil.

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