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Landscaping and landscaping of the territory - how are the prices


Arrangement of a land plot is one of the importantStages of the general arrangement of the private house. Someone manages on this issue on their own, planting lawns and flowers on their own. Others prefer to hire professionals to do everything according to approved standards and rules. In this regard, they have a question: how much does the planting of the site cost?

Landscaping and landscaping of the territory - how are the prices
The appearance of the house is determined, among other things, by the sightSite. So, for example, if the doll's pink house is on the ground, where the weeds are in full bloom, it will not look pretty and attractive. The same will happen if there are solid holes and gullies on the site.

Just sow the ground around the area with grass andTo plant flowers is also not a panacea. If the land is rough, it will be easy to move around it, and even the sown lawn will not help. Therefore, it must be previously aligned.

Pricing for gardening

Landscaping is usually carried out byApproved drawings and estimates in which everything is prescribed - from the length and width of the tracks to the location of decorative stones on the lawn. It should be taken into account that it is possible to create a design project independently and correct it for professionals, and fully order it for architects and landscape designers.

Remember that the approved layout is easyDocument, which during the ennobling of the territory can be slightly adjusted. Of course, you can not make global replacements in it, but you can add or remove something.

Land improvement is usually assessed bySquare meters. So, for example, the arrangement of conventional lawns, including the cost of seeds, costs in the range of 300-500 rubles per square meter of territory. The roll lawn is more expensive - from 350 r. Per square. However, this method of arranging the territory is many times simpler and faster.

To equip a flower garden is more expensive than to break a lawn. Therefore, the cost of such work starts from 1500 rubles. Per square meter. If you want an unusual columbarium, for example, water, you will also have to add material costs, which can be from 40 to 100% of the cost of the material.

More complex flowerbeds will come out at times more expensive - from3000 r. Per square meter of composition. If you already had plantings on the site, for example, trees, and now they do not fit into the new concept or are classified as emergency, their cleaning will also require additional expenses - from 1500 rubles. a piece. Alternatively, you can simply correct the trees by removing the dry knots and tops. In this case it will be necessary to pay only about 100 rubles. For the tree. If you have cut down trees on the site, from which there are only hemp, the uproot will cost you 350-500 rubles. a piece.

Prices for the improvement of the territory

Under the improvement of the territory is understood moreDepth work, than to break lawns or flower beds. With complete improvement, the craftsmen are engaged in the construction of tracks, facing works, the creation of entire compositions, etc. Here the cost is also in most cases calculated by square meters.

The construction of tracks, depending on the type of substrateAnd materials is estimated at 850-1500 rubles. For sq.m. Make drainage will cost from 450 p. Per running meter. Facing works are a priori expensive and are estimated at 850 r. For sq.m.

In the event that you plan to conduct decorative lighting on the site, it will come out pretty penny - from 15,000 rubles. For a hundred.

The creation of artificial reservoirs or full-fledged sports grounds in the local area will come from 4000 rubles. Per square meter.

Naturally, the cost of landscaping andThe ennobling of the site will be quite high. But the result is worth it, you will get a beautiful and neat garden, in which it is not a shame to invite guests.

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