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Ladders for home with their own hands: master tips

Stairs to the house with his own hands: master tips

One of the home decoration can be a ladder.

For it to become a real attraction in your interior, the ladder should be not only beautiful, but also safe and comfortable.

To make this design your own little difficult to have golden hands, you need to arm themselves with specialized knowledge.

Type design and choice of location

Before you begin construction, you need todetermine the structure and the material for the stairs. Your choice will primarily depend on the purpose of your invention. Stairs: connect the floors, there are mansard, attic. To use a variety of construction materials: metal, glass, wood, stone. The hands easiest staircase made of wood.
The design of the stairs are divided into mid-flight and screw. Screw considered more complex, since the construction of stairs requires large calculations.
By choosing a location for installation of wooden stairsshould be approached responsibly. It is not advisable to install the wall structure near the north-eastern side, as it is subject to freezing and wet. Do not place it near heating appliances and, as well as the room in which there is a sharp fluctuation of temperature. Without compliance with these rules will be subject to design changes that will lead the stairs into disrepair.

If you are - a novice master and have left enough space for the stairs, it is better to build a straight ladder. It is easier to build, and it is the most reliable.

Tips masters in the manufacture of

Do not forget that the ladder - traumaticstructure in its construction must be made more secure. step width should be no less than the length of a foot (not less than 20 and not more than 32 cm). Podstupni height 15 cm width 30 cm. Such calculations provide maximum safety for humans.
During the construction and take into account the permissible load of the stairs: 180-222 kg. Use a non-slip material or covering their slip-up.
Secure ladders maximum slope considered45 degrees, thus it must be constant throughout the length of the march. If you decide to make a ladder of living space, it is recommended to do it with substep and closed that none of the items could fall on people with upper stages.

The safest ladders deemed ladder with handrails and railings. According to him could easily go up as a child and an elderly man.

At the railing also has its own standards: height of at least 90 cm from the allowable load of 100 kg. If there is a child, it can be an additional railing along the wall (if it exists) or below basic.
For the manufacture of stairs at home, you canuse a wide variety of wood species: softwood, hardwood, tropical. It depends on your taste and preferences. You can combine the wooden stairs with metal structures. building materials market allows you to make a ladder is not only safe, but also unique.

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