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LADDER for the house with their own hands: advice of the master


Staircase for the house with your own hands: advice of the master</a>

One of the decorations at home can be a ladder.

In order for it to become a real attraction of your interior, the staircase must be not only beautiful, but also reliable and comfortable.

In order to make this difficult construction yourself not have enough to possess gold hands, you need to equip yourself with special knowledge.

Type of construction and choice of location

Before you start building, you needDetermine the design and material for the stairs. Your choice will primarily depend on the purpose of your invention. Stairs: connect the floors, are attic, attic. For the construction of various materials: metal, glass, wood, stone. With your own hands, the easiest way is to make a ladder made of wood.
According to the design of the stairs are divided into marching and screw. Screws are considered more complicated, as for the construction of such stairs large calculations are required.
To a choice of a place for installation of a wooden ladderWorth approaching responsibly. It is not desirable to install the structure near the wall located on the north-eastern side, since it is subject to freezing and wetting. Do not place it near heating appliances, as well as in a room in which there is a sudden temperature fluctuation. Without observing these rules, the design will be subject to changes that will lead to the ladder becoming unusable.

If you are a beginner master and have enough room for a ladder, it is better to build a straight ladder. It is easier to build and it is the most reliable.

Councils of masters in the manufacture

Do not forget that the ladder is traumaticConstruction, it is necessary to make it safer during construction. The width of the step must be no less than the length of the foot (at least 20 and not more than 32 cm). The height of the approach is 15 cm with a width of 30 cm. Such calculations provide maximum safety for a person.
When constructing, consider the permissible load of the ladder: 180-222 kg. Use non-sliding materials or cover them with an anti-slip compound.
The safe maximum slope of the ladder is considered to be45 degrees, while it must be constant along the entire length of one march. If you decide to make a ladder above the living space, it is recommended to do it with the steps and closed, so that no objects can fall on people from the upper steps.

The safest ladders are the stairs with handrails and handrails. On them can calmly rise as a child, and an elderly person.

The rails also have their own standards: Height not less than 90 cm with an allowable load of 100 kg. If the house has a child, then you can make additional rails along the wall (if it is) or below the main ones.
For making stairs at home you canUse a wide variety of wood species: coniferous, deciduous, tropical. It depends on your taste and preferences. You can combine a wooden ladder with metal structures. The market of building materials makes it possible to make the staircase not only safe, but also unique.

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