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LABOUR Children

Labor Children

Mothers love their children no matter what.

Dead tired, they still forgive her mischievous all their endless pranks. Still, the children have to be assistants, so sooner or later, but to accustom children to work can not be avoided.

The point is not easy, and you do not just have a desire to give up all attempts of labor education.

Do not be tempted to do everything itself, you give your child time to acquire useful skills.

Especially because in the house there is always a simple operation, which under the force of the kids.



For example, to entrust your child to fill the bed is quite possible. Suppose that initially it will not quite turn out the way it should. The main thing here - this is the practice.


Expanding your things in the closet can also becharge of the child. Show how well it should be done. You can attach to each box stickers depicting the thing that should be there. Gradually pipsqueak learn to maintain order in their lockers.


The most simple task for the baby - is to remove their toys. Turn this thing in the game, and you do not run with the children's whims, but in the room the baby will always be in order.


Watering the flowers, too, are quite capable of kids. Fiddle with the water loves every child, but keep in mind that will be poured not only flowers, but also the furniture and the floor. Therefore, for safety, choose two or three flowers, put them in a place not fearful of water and follow the work of the crumbs. As soon as he begins to deal with the job, trust watering other plants in the apartment.


Caring for fish and other small householdanimals is also not difficult, moreover, instill your child kindness and attentiveness to others' needs. If there is a dog, the child's contact with it depends on many factors. Its rocks, nature, etc.


The most beloved children's game - it is serving and cleaning the table. That they are willing to engage in endlessly. Watch out for the safety of the child. Do not allow him to carry more than one device at a time.

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