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KREMLIN tablet

Kremlin tablet

Kremlin tablet or, in other words, autonomous electrostimulator - a miniature appliance created for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

This drug was developed and first tried in1963 - the capsule is streamlined, sometimes covered with a gold shell. When the capsule falls into a conductive medium, it begins to emit weak electrical impulses. Gradually passing through the gastrointestinal tract, the device is delayed, where reduced motor skills and that there acts on smooth muscle. Thus, using slaboenergeticheskih pulses activate the capsule body work.
How effective this device? According to studies, the positive outcome of the treatment was observed in 75-100% of cases, depending on the complexity and type of disease. Also, there are contraindications to the use of this "miracle pill". For example, it should not be taken for violations of the cardiovascular system, acute infectious diseases and others.
By the way, experts say the drugvery effective and serious therapeutic agent. There is another advantage of this "pill" - it can be reused after a particular sterilization, and this greatly reduces the cost of treatment, compared with any medication.
If you decide to use the "Kremlinpill "to treat, you should become familiar with all the nuances of this drug, and to consult with a doctor. After all, anyone, even a "miracle drug" has both pluses and minuses.

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