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How to know your phone imei

How do you know your phone imei

Each device in the manufacture of the GSM standard is assigned a unique, non-repeating number - IMEI.

It is placed in the machine's memory to indicate it on the packaging container.



To learn IMEI phone has a keyboard,exit any menu on the main screen, and then dial * # 06 #. Because this command is sent to the cellular network, and is processed by the device, press the Call button does not follow. The screen will display the IMEI number after the last command symbol. The phone with a touchscreen, you can find this number in the same way, after calling on the screen virtual keyboard. Some devices on Android OS IMEI number is also duplicated in the information about the phone, displayed when you select the corresponding menu item "Settings".


If the phone removable battery, switch offunit, remove the cover and the battery, and then look at the label underneath. There, among other information, and IMEI. Rewrite it, and replace the battery cover, and then plug it back in. Learn a unique phone number without a removable battery in this way can not usually be as directly on the unit it is often not specified. And here of USB-modems, mobile routers, embedded modems, etc. IMEI indication directly on the body (or the board, if the modem is a chip) - a common phenomenon.


Many phones and modems capable of perceivingAT-commands. Connect your device to your computer, start a terminal emulator (Minicom, Hyper Terminal, et al.), Select the port that is connected to a phone or a modem, enter the ATZ command - go Ok response, and then give the command AT + CGSN - in response displays the IMEI. Do not enter the command, the value of which is unknown to you - the phone can be damaged, the data in it, dialed or sent email, etc.


Inspect the packaging container phone or modem -sticker or stamp with IMEI must be on it. Sometimes this number is present in the instruction. Everywhere - in the machine's memory and on its case, and on the box - must be given the same numbers, which match all the numbers to a single. If it is not, and is characterized by at least one digit, the device may be stolen or patched receiver.

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