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How to find out what drivers are needed


How to find out what drivers are needed</a>

It often happens that you have installed some new equipment in the computer's system unit, and Windows categorically refuses to recognize it correctly and can not install the appropriate drivers.

Well, if you have a CD with drivers from the manufacturer.



There are at least three simple waysLearn what drivers need a new device. Contact the manufacturer's website directly. Go to the "Support" section, which is on each site and look for a description, instructions and the latest drivers for your device. Download them to your hard drive, unzip and install it with standard Windows tools. The new equipment should be defined and earned.


If you do not know the manufacturer of the equipment,Use another way to find out which drivers an unidentified device needs. To do this, go to the Windows Device Manager (My Computer? Properties? Device Manager). Find the unidentified device and open its properties. Click the Details tab, and in the? Property box, select the ID of the hardware. From all the text lines appearing in the field below, copy the first one by right-clicking on it and selecting? Copy. Open the browser and go to the device search site by the code: http://devid.info/. In the? Search box, insert the copied line with the code and in the resulting table of results found, select any driver you like. Download it and install it on the system.


However, the simplest and most convenient option thatAllows not only to find out which drivers your hardware needs, but also to install or update them automatically? Use driver installation drivers, such as DriverPack Solution or SamDrivers. You can download them for free. And the benefit of using them is obvious: they automatically install drivers for the vast majority of components and, thus, save your time. In case you suddenly need to roll back installed drivers, create another system restore point before running the managers.

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