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How to learn the INN through the Internet


How to learn the INN through the Internet</a>

Each citizen of the Russian Federation is given an individual taxpayer number, or simply an INN.

You can find it online at the special website of the Federal Tax Service (FTS RF).



Go to the site of the Federal Tax Service. First, make sure that you already have your tax number. If you are already engaged in labor activity, most likely, the number already exists and you can immediately proceed to obtain information about it. But if you are not sure, open the page service.nalog.ru/zpufl/ and read how to register an INN. You can do this in three ways: through a personal visit to the tax authority, sending a registered letter by mail, as well as directly online.


Launch the page "Accounting for individuals" ifYou have a registered TIN. At the bottom of the page you will see the link "Find your INN". Click on it and get ready to enter personal information. You will need a passport from which you must specify the series and number, the date of issue of the document and the institution responsible for it, the date and place of birth, and some other information. Currently there is the possibility of verifying the TIN and other documents, for example, on the birth certificate. Foreign citizens are invited to choose a passport of another country, a residence permit or a temporary residence permit in Russia.


Enter the captcha, a combination of these numbers to protect against robotic systems and click "Send Request." After a while at the bottom of the page you will see your INN.


This site also allows you to learn the INN of othersIndividuals or legal entities on their passport and other data. To do this, you need to enter information about yourself and the other person. In this case, the service will show only the data on whether this person has an INN. To find out the number completely, you will need to personally come to the tax inspection, submit your passport and a copy of the passport of another individual, as well as a document certifying the credentials of the representative. In addition, you will need to pay 100 rubles and get a receipt.

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