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How do I know the video card temperature

Good cooling components are very important for the operation of the computer

During the operation of a computer or laptopthe user can feel that the car is working half their strength. As a rule, the most important factor in the rapid cooling of the work is good all the components of the computer.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the cooling system of your vehicle, it is necessary to make temperature measurements specialized tools.

You will need

  • The software Everest Ultimate Edition and Speed ​​Fan.



To perform control measurements of temperaturescomponents of your computer, of course, you can use a thermometer. But this method is not practical, although it is considered the most accurate in the temperature estimation. If you are interested in video card temperature, the latest models of these cards is provided with a digital temperature sensor. It is much easier temperature measurement. But if for some reason you can not remove the system unit side cover (machine is in warranty and the unit is sealed system), use the special software.
Common programs are usually free to access the program, ie free. Among them are two useful tools:

- Speed ​​Fan-

- Everest Ultimate Edition.


Speed ​​Fan allows you to measure the temperatureseveral components in your computer, including the hard drive and processor. Once you run the program? she immediately begins to measure the temperature. A distinctive feature of this program can be multi-level temperature indicator. What kind of light? This indicator indicates not only the temperature of this device, and also indicates that a limit or whether it is normal. At the time of raising or lowering the temperature? Sensor also informs you about this, or graphic arrow directed downwards or upwards. The program may be permanently open in the collapsed mode. The tray can display digital display any of the selected devices. On one of the tabs can go online-test of your hard drive performance.

How do I know the video card temperature


Everest Ultimate Edition containsa plurality of test audits, benchmarks, etc. As Speed ​​Fan, here you can do a large number of measurements. However, information on the operation of your computer much more. It is possible to find even a period of operation of your operating system with respect to downtime, as well as the life expectancy of your operating system (how much time running the installed system). To calculate the temperature of your graphics card is enough to go to tab? Video card ?.

How do I know the video card temperature

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