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How do I know the amount of pension survivor

How do I know the amount of pension survivor

Unfortunately, death does not choose, it happens thatdie and die from diseases people are still young, able-bodied dependents of whom are young children and elderly parents. Partial compensation of earnings, which is brought into the family of the deceased, provided for in Article 9 of the Federal Law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation» № 173-FZ of 17.12.2001

To put pension survivor

Survivor's pension laid disabled family members of the deceased who were dependent on him:
- Spouses or parents who are disabled or pensioners vozrastu-
- Minor children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters who have not attained 18 years of age, including those who were born in the period of 9 months after the death of kormiltsa-
- Minor children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters who are studying full-time in any special education, up to the end of their training or before the age of 23 years-
- Relatives of any age, caring for children of the deceased breadwinner before they will not be 14 years.
Grandchildren, brothers and sisters of the deceased will receivepension, if it is proven in court incapacity of their parents. Children born in cohabiting relationships, may also receive a survivor's pension if they have been officially adopted by them or paternity has been recognized by the court. Care Retirement assigned only one of the family, regardless of the number of juvenile dependents.

The amount of the survivor's pension

Minors will receive up to retirementa certain age, but dependents - people with disabilities and parents, the rest of his life. In general, the amount of the pension is set at 50% of the survivor's income for each disabled family member, but it is limited to the minimum size of 2/3 of the minimum old-age pension. Max also has its limit - a minimum old-age pension. In the case where the number of disabled family members more than 2 people, the pension will be paid at a rate of one to 100%. Pension business is opened to the surviving parent or guardian.
From this rule there are exceptions. If there was a survivor in the event of a military trauma, each disabled family member will receive a pension equal to the minimum old-age pension. If children have lost both parents, or the children of a single mother, the amount of pension for each set by a factor of 1.5 in relation to the minimum old-age pension.
In 2014, it was provided for the indexation of pensions on February 1 and April 1, but the government has promised that in the case of inflation exceeding the possible rules, indexation will be made for the third time.
Note that apply for accrued pensionSurvivors should be within 12 months from the date of his death. In this case, it will add to this day, but if the application will be filed later, getting her deceased family members will have to the day when the application was submitted.

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