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How to know the details of calls to MegaFon

A man with a mobile phone receives a call detail

The ability to know the details of calls to MegaFon provided to each subscriber of the operator.

To figure out your expenses on mobile communication, it is sufficient to order the appropriate service for a fee or free of charge.



You can learn the details of calls to MegaFonusing one of several official services, such as "time specification", "Periodic detail" and "Express specification." To figure out your expenses for any period of time (not exceeding six months), make "time specification." This will help you online Assistant "Service Guide". Open sg.megafon.ru site and in the "Personal Account" tab "time specification" by selecting one of the ways to get the printout of expenses, for example, by e-mail or fax.


Call for short technical support numberOperator 0505. By selecting the corresponding number in the voice menu, you can get details of calls to MegaFon. Also, you can use the USSD-command * 105 * 8033 #, select the delivery statistics to the email address that you specified in the system "Service Guide". One-time address to details MegaFon will set you free.


Activate "Periodic detail." With it you can get the details on the megaphone on a monthly basis. The subscription fee for the service is 90 rubles. To connect dial the number 0500 or select the corresponding item in the "Service Guide".


The service "Express-detail"Only subscribers of MegaFon in the Moscow region. The convenience of it is that the information provided in the last 7 days. Order the service by using a special command * 113 # or send a message with your email address on a short number 5039. Each request will cost you about 21 rubles.

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