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How to know the details of Beeline calls

How to know the details of Beeline calls

Due to the service, which provides its customers with communication operator "Beeline", you can receive the necessary information about incoming and make outgoing calls and the duration of the negotiations much more.

Drill also allows you to learn about the ongoing Keep GPRS-sessions and SMS messages.

Request several ways.



Use of a connection methodIt will depend on the type of payment system. For example, subscribers of postpaid (also called credit), the system can get the details of your personal account directly on the official website of the company. You will need only to click on the relevant box and fill in the menu appearing request form. Any user "Beeline" is available for sending e-mail to questions. @ Beeline.ru and statements on fax number (495) 266-76-08. By the way, when filling out the application for the operator be sure to include your account number or billing period, as well as mobile phone and data of your passport. At the end, add a record that will be told that you ensure timely payment of communications services.


Subscribers second prepaid systemcan order the service "Detail" as through the operator's website and any company or office interior communication "Beeline". Please note that individuals with a will be enough only a passport, but legal entities also need a power of attorney to guide the organization holding the account details.


Before activating this service is not superfluous willand balance check. If necessary, top up the account. This is explained by the request is quite simple: connection details on the official site will cost 30 rubles to the subscriber if he uses a prepaid system. Total pay 1 ruble of the party that will appeal to the office. The service will be provided free of charge only to subscribers of the credit settlement system.

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