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How to know the characteristics of the computer

How to know the characteristics of the computer

When buying a computer, we are interested not only its design, but also performance.

For power laptops and PCs meet their specifications.

Often, a consultant at the store gives false information about the values ​​of these characteristics.

Therefore, to avoid unwanted purchases, you must be able to determine the characteristics of the computer.



The main computer, the characteristics of the componentswho need to know is the processor, operating system, RAM, graphics card, hard drive and performance summary. It is said that the best way to buy a computer or laptop with an already pre-installed. Most often it is Microsoft Windows (on budget PCs? Linux, on Apple computers? MacOS). So you protect yourself from illegal software and will be able to learn the characteristics of the computer directly into the store.
Since more than 90% of computer electronics markettoday are equipped with Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, look at an example of how to find out the characteristics of the computer. This example can be adapted to the earlier editions of the OS? XP, Windows, and the system, which will be released in the near future, because all Windows distributions have a similar structure.
The heart of the computer? is its processor. To learn all about the CPU, select the? Start ?, type in the search word programs and files? Run ?, click the icon that appears and enter a string? Dxdiag? (Without the quotes). A dialog box will cause the computer diagnostic tool, called DirectX.
On the Home tab? System? you will see detailed information about the operating system, including its version, the assembly and the bit, information about the manufacturer and model of your computer (system or motherboard) and BIOS.
Following is information about the processor: manufacturer, model, number of cores and the frequency of the nucleus.
The next line is very important for those who are constantlylaunches on the computer resource demanding multitasking applications. Line? Memory? It displays the amount of RAM. At the bottom contains the version of DirectX that is used in computer games.


In the tab? Screen? It contains information about the video card. However, the physical memory of the video card does not appear there. For more information about the video card can be found as follows: right-click on the desktop, in the list that appears, select Screen Resolution ?, go to Advanced Options ?.? The tab? Adapter? you will see the sign? Used video memory? - The numbers located next to the line is the amount of video memory in megabytes. It also contains all the information about the manufacturer and model of the video card.


To find the volume of a hard disk, go to?My computer? and locate the drive? (C :) ?. Click on it, right-click, select? Properties ?, and you will see in the window that appears, the volume and type of HDD file system.


And finally, to see the summaryperformance of the system by going to the folder? My Computer ?, click? System Properties? on a special panel at the top of the screen. You will see the index performance. Click on it to learn more about how were evaluated the main parts of your computer.

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