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How do you know if you have a gift

How do you know if you have a gift

Magical gift - a beautiful thing that can occur spontaneously under the influence of circumstances.

Still, nice to know for sure whether or not he has.

As a check for magical powers?

The easiest way to addressqualified psychic who can easily figure out whether a person has the gift. One problem, it is difficult to find a qualified psychic who did not ask for this service a lot of money. So, usually have to cope on their own.

But do not go to the first that fellpsychic or a magician hoping to learn how to manage their waste. It can use your abilities in any way unpleasant or ask for a large amount of training.

Signs of supernormal abilities

The presence of your gift can testifya well-developed intuition. Intuition may be accompanied by the development of energy vision. It is believed that each person has seven energy centers located along the vertical axis of the body, they are painted in different colors. If you are at least sometimes see these centers is likely you have a gift.

Continual luck as evidenced infavor of a gift. Luck, in fact, is the result of a well-developed intuition, which helps to avoid troubles due to a subconscious feeling of danger.

If your presence is strange behaviorelectrical appliances, they begin to work better or worse, most likely they are affected by your strong energy field, which often indicates the presence of a gift.

If you repeatedly escaped from someevents, such as moving away at the last moment with the accident, it may also speak in favor of the grant. Often developed survival instinct can develop a gift of prediction.

Soft, warm arms that can lift a simpletouch headache or toothache, means that you have the gift of the healer. The people around you are talking about the heat that comes out of your hands. In this case it is necessary to do power yoga practices or to develop the ability to heal.

Do not buy "magic" charms to enhance the Gift in all sorts of esoteric shops. Such charms rarely work.

Animals and rapidly respond to your appearanceextraordinary friendliness and aggression, can see or feel your extraordinary strength. It can attract or frighten them, but indifferent almost never leaves.

If at least some signs of Giftalways present in your life, think about learning. It is important to learn to use his gift that he has not gone in vain. There is a huge variety of activities that can help to develop the gift. First of all, it is the eastern practices.

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