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KNITTING vest with his hands: how to tie

Knitted vest with his hands: how to tie

Now in fashion came in knitted jerseys? sweaters, pullovers, vests a variety of colors and patterns.

Knitted product can be bought already prepared, but you can associate yourself.

And the thing made by the hands, will be worn longer and with love.



How to tie vest and where to start?
To start, you need to determine the color. It depends on where the dress will vest. At work in the office is better to choose neutral colors (white, black, beige, gray, pale blue, pale green). This color will not irritate employees and distract from the work. Also on the choice of color affect compatibility with other article of clothing with which it will be worn, and the color. Do not combine the colors: red, green, blue and red, green and blue.


Functional load vest is also essentialvalue. That is, you should decide? than in the first place will vest? the subject of insulation or decoration. This will determine the texture of the product (yarn thickness) and decorative elements.


Patterns, flowers, shape the neck and armhole (decorative items), it is necessary to think in advance, so as not to redo the work.


Remove the measurements with the person who will wear the vest. It ? vest length, girth neck, hip girth (chest? if the product is fit for a child or a man).


Removing the measures to make the scheme-drawing pattern (optional full-size and aspect ratio). The main thing - to have all the necessary dimensions on the pattern.


To tie vest on the first try, you need tomake a test sample (fragment) of the product with all the decorative elements (pigtails, openwork). The following is to calculate how many loops in width and length will be in a 10x10 cm square.


Translate the number of loops and rows on the circuit pattern, and get to work.


The vest will be a good addition to the blouse with a skirt. Long vest capable of? Refresh? strict classic dress. Vest, crocheted holds its shape better than a jacket associated with needles or a knitting machine.

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