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Knitted gum: how to get started


Eraser can decorate any product. In addition, it is not only a decorative, but also a practical element. For example, a sweater with her will be warmer than without it. Start knitting Gum Quite simply, especially if you are well acquainted with her drawing.

Knitted gum: how to get started

You will need

  • Set of hooks (№2-2,5-3,), yarn for knitting



Correctly type hinges. The set edge must be flat. Dialing options can now be found in many publications. By the way, they are changing. Choose the easiest and most understandable for you. Carefully read the picture of the eraser.


Tie the pattern. Wash it out. Pay attention to the density of knitting. Usually the elastic band pattern is tight enough. If you knit too weak, you can change the hook to a smaller number, and vice versa. When knitting patterns from magazines, one should seriously approach the choice of yarn, because Patterns and calculation of loops are given taking into account the properties of materials and the density of the drawings. Note for yourself how stretched the pattern is, and keep this in mind when you next type the loops.


Type the required number of loops and startTo tie a pattern. Remember that the hook number should match the thickness of the yarn, and the thread should be easily grasped by the hook head. Crochet should be pretty tight. The advantage of this edge is its elasticity. There are several ways of tying out such an edge for any gum.


Tie the knitting edge from the connectingColumns. To do this, dial two air loops. Then insert the hook behind the left outer wall of the loop and, picking up the working thread, pull the loop. Then again, pick up the work thread and tie together 2 loops that are on the hook. Continue to knit to the desired length, following the sequence.


If the further pattern of elastic bands matchesKnitting needles, on the front row, assemble the hinges and knit with a pattern of gum. With fantasy knitting, you can choose from different varieties of patent patterns, braids and elastic relief patterns. Sometimes a double Gum. It is hollow inside, which makes it possible to insert a kuliska or Gum.

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