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How to Knit Socks


How to Knit Socks</a>

Knitting socks is a creative, painstaking process that our grandmothers have been engaged in.

Warm and soft socks are associated with home comfort.

Knowing the basic knitting skills on knitting needles, linking such a thing will be simple enough.

You will need

  • - wool yarn-
  • - 5 stocking knitting needles.



Take a set of stocking knitting needles and yarn. Before you start knitting socks, Correctly calculate the number of loops forSet. Measure the circumference of the leg near the ankle. Tie the pattern control pattern and determine the density of the knitting. The number of loops should be divided into four.


Type the calculated loops on the spoke. Top of the sock start knitting with an elastic band (1 facial, 1 purl, or 2 facial, 2 purl). Distribute all the loops into four stocking knitting needles.


Start to knit an elastic band in a circle. The height of the rubber band can be any. Continue to knit with a stocking knit (the front row - facial loops, purl - purl). Wire the hinges, make sure that the spokes and the product do not twist. Knitting sock is only on one side, so the hinges are knit in all the rows.


Begin to knit a heel. For this, put the loops on the third and the second spokes on one spoke. Knit the loops from this knitting knitting needle. Tie a rectangular canvas, tying edge loops.
Hinges with the first and fourth spokes do not need to be tied. If you knit a sock for a child, then the height
Heels should be 3-4 cm, for an adult 4-5 cm.


Distribute the heels of the heels equally by three spokes. If the number of loops is not divided by three, then put extra loops on the middle knitting needle.


Knit the loops of one extreme knitting needle. Spray the middle part. At the end of the row, the last loop of the middle part is tied together with the front loop with the first loop of the extreme knitting needle. Knit this way further, gradually reducing the number of loops on the outer spokes. In the purlins, the first loop of the middle part is not tied, but simply peeled. Knit several rows, until all the loops are tied at the outer knitting needles.


Dial another loop along the edge of the heel from the edgebandLoops. If the typed loops are greater than those previously tying, then loosen the extra loops. Do this only from the heel, on the second and third spokes, through the row. On the second spoke, knit 2 loops together in the front, and on the third - in the end.


Knit hinges in a circle with stocking knit. On each spoke at the end of the row, tie two loops together. The second sock knit in the same way.


Related socks Iron through a damp cloth.

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