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How to Knit Socks

How to Knit a Sock

Sock Knitting - a creative painstaking process that takes even our grandmothers.

Warm and soft socks are associated with a homey feel.

Knowing the basic skills of knitting, tie this thing is quite simple.

You will need

  • - Wool pryazha-
  • - 5 stocking spokes.



Take a set of hosiery needles and yarn. Before you begin to knit socksCorrectly count the number of loopsset. Measure the circumference of the legs near the ankles. Tie the control sample pattern and determine the density of knitting. The number of loops must be divisible by four.


Dial the calculated loop on the needle. Top start to knit a sock elastic (1 front, 1 Wrong, or 2 face, 2 backstitches). Distribute all hinges on four needles hosiery.


Begin to knit elastic band around. The height of the gum can be any. Continue to knit stocking st (front row - facial loops, purl - purl). Provyazyvayte loop, see that the spokes and does not overwound. Sock Knitting is only one side, so the facial loop knit all rows.


Begin to knit the heel. For this loop, the second and third spokes are put on a spoke. Knit loop with this spokes stocking st. Tie the rectangular canvas, provyazyvaya loop edge.
Loops with the first and fourth spokes provyazyvat not necessary. If you knit a sock for a child, then height
heel should be 3-4 cm, 4-5 cm for an adult.


heel loops distribute evenly on three needles. If the number of loops is divisible by three, then put the extra loop on the middle spoke.


Knit one loop at the spokes stocking st. Knit middle section. At the end of the series the last loop knit together the middle part of the front of the first loop at the spokes. Knit this way further, gradually reducing the number of loops on the outer spokes. In backstitches ranks first loop the middle part not provyazyvayte, but simply to remove the needle. Knit a few rows, as long as the extreme spokes all loops are knit.


Score still on the edge of the edge of the heel looploops. If the dialed loops obtained more than previously knit, then turn down the extra loop. Do so only on the part of the heel, the second and third spokes, through a series. The second spoke knit 2 sts along the front at the beginning, and the third - in the end.


Knit loop circular stocking st. Each spoke in the end of the row knit the two loops together. The second knit a sock in the same manner.


Related socks progladte through a damp cloth.

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