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How to knit slippers

Home slippers will warm and create a sense of comfort

Have a good comfortable slippers is very important? they will warm and create a feeling of comfort.

And if you bind slippers with their hands, they will not be the price.

To perform this operation you need a yarn and knitting needles.

You will need

  • 200 gr. purple yarn density of 70 m / 50 m. and 50 oz. blue yarn density of 150 m / 50 g.



Please tie the sole. To do this, from the purple yarn tie a chain of 6 air loop and another loop for lifting. Then knit the first row of a column without nakida in each loop. The second series also knit a column without nakida and loop knit the last two columns.


Continue to knit so addingAfter the series 17, 21, 23, 25 and 27 to one loop. At the beginning of a series of 36 to skip over a loop, as do the 38 and 42 series. Tie around the entire foot without nakida number column.


In place of the toe and heel make two add on both sides. Knit two more rows, each row in place of fingers and heels add three loops.


Now, cut the thread and tie a second stack of mirror first. For external sole tie two more such soles of different colors of yarn. Sew along the sole.


Now knit the side. Purple yarn type 111 stitches, connect them in a ring. Four rows of tie column without nakida, every time provyazyvaya at the beginning of this number one air loop.


The fifth series of knit as follows: the entire series without nakida knit a column, and loop 35 and 36, 41 and 42, 47 and 48 bind together. Further bind three columns without nakida one polustolbik and one column with two column with one column, two columns with one column and one polustolbik together three columns without nakida, then link together the loops 64 and 64, 70 and 71, 76 and 77. The remaining number of loops knit a column without nakida.


The sixth series of knit as follows: First knit a column without nakida, then knit together 32 and 33, 38 and 39, 43 and 44 of the loop. Make two columns without nakida then polustolbik column and knit together. More then two columns together. Further one column, two columns together, and a column polustolbik together two columns, and then loops 58 and 59, 63 and 64, 69 and 70 together. Knit remaining loop column without nakida.


The ranks of the seventh to sixteenth knit as follows: the column without nakida and simultaneous decrease of the tip, as in the sixth row, but without the side decrease. Seventeenth series of knit a column without nakida.


Rows from the eighteenth to the twenty-first one? 49 bars without nakida. The ranks twenty-second to twenty-seventh knit blue yarn from the wrong side of a column without nakida.


Attach the edge of the side of the sole. That's all, wonderful house slippers ready.

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