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How to Knit Slippers


Home slippers will warm and create a feeling of coziness</a>

Having good comfortable home slippers is very important? They will warm and create a feeling of coziness.

And if you link home slippers with your own hands, then they will not be at all prices.

To perform this work you will need yarn and knitting needles.

You will need

  • 200 gr. Lilac yarn with a density of 70 m / 50 g. And 50 g. Blue yarn, with a density of 150 m / 50 g.



First tie the sole. To do this, from the purple yarn, chain the chain into 6 air loops and another loop for lifting. Then the first row of a string without a crochet in each loop. The second row also tie a column without a crochet, and in the last loop tie two posts.


Continue to knit this way, adding inEnd of rows 17, 21, 23, 25 and 27 on one loop. At the beginning of row 36, jump through one loop, also make in 38 and 42 rows. Tie around the entire foot a row of columns without a crochet.


On the spot of the fingers and heel, make two additions on both sides. Spray two more rows, in each row on the place of the fingers and heel add three loops.


Now cut the thread and tie the second foot mirror first. For the outer soles, connect two more such soles from a different color yarn. Sew the soles together.


Now knit the side piece. Purple yarn, dial 111 air loops, connect them to the ring. Four rows tie a column without a crochet, each time thus tying at the beginning of the row one air loop.


The fifth row is knitted as follows: The entire row tie a column without a crochet, and loops 35 and 36, 41 and 42, 47 and 48 tie together. Then tie three columns without a crochet, one half-column and one column together, two bars together, one column, two bars together, one column and one half-column together, three columns without a crochet, then tie together the loops 64 and 64, 70 and 71, 76 And 77. The remaining loop of the series should be typed with a column without a crochet.


The sixth row is: First knit a column without a crochet, then together tie 32 and 33, 38 and 39, 43 and 44 loops. Make two columns without a crochet, then a column and polostolbik knit together. Then two more bars together. Further one post, two columns together, a column and polostolbik together, two columns, and then loops 58 and 59, 63 and 64, 69 and 70 together. Spray the remaining hinges with a bar without a crochet.


Rows from the seventh to the sixteenth knit like this: a column without a crochet and a simultaneous decrease in the point, as in the sixth row, only without lateral reduction. Seventeenth row, knit without a crochet.


Rows from the eighteenth to the twenty-first? 49 columns without a crochet. Rows from the twenty-second to the twenty-seventh knit the blue yarn from the wrong side with a column without a crochet.


Attach the edge of the side to the sole. That's it, great home slippers are ready.

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