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How to Knit polustolbik without nakida hook

How to Knit polustolbik without nakida hook

When crocheting can not be avoided without receiving polustolbika nakida. It is also called "connection", as he becomes a "bridge" between major components.

Without this it is impossible to turn a simple loop aerial chain in the ring and do interesting things from a variety of elements (such as "Afghan squares").

Rows polustolbikov without nakida create an extremely dense knitted fabric.

If tie their products an edge, it will be very smooth and well fixed.

You will need

  • - Thick white nit-
  • - Thick kryuchok-
  • - Knitted fabric for binding.



Select a fairly large hook and thick threadwhite, then proceed to carry out the knit pattern. For inexperienced needlewoman is the best tool and material - will webs of large loops, each of which can be considered and evaluated. Securing polustolbikov knitting skills without nakidaIt will be possible to work already on a thin colored products.


Hold the hook in your right hand and make them motion as if you are drawing. Your left hand should control the tension of the working thread.


Make chain stitches,corresponding to the length of the future trial of the web. Now you need to perform a "stage" for the new series - a loop lift. She will serve as the second link in the chain account. Loop is located on the shaft of the hook is called leading.


Put the chain on top of the air indexfinger of his left hand, turning the links "face" to her. Enter a hook in the third consecutive air loop, then grab a working thread. It needs to push through the first loop of the chain, then - through the leading hinge. Before you - the first without polustolbik nakida.


Continue to knit polustolbiki until the end of the series, provyazyvaya each air loop. Then, turn the work.


Now, the hook should enter into both the upper thread loop downstream of the first row. Next you need to do without polustolbiki nakida as described above.


Try to consistently introduce shank of the hook just under one thread each underlying loop. In this case, the knitted fabric will be more subtle. Attention! Always provyazyvayte polustolbiki without nakida or always in a textile shackle, or always two - otherwise the work will look homemade.


If you have an old knitting thing, try to tie its edge. In this case, you will make one polustolbiku each loop downstream of the series.

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