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How to knit a fishnet


Openwork crocheting or on knitting needles will decorate any jersey with decorative inserts or create an original product that will necessarily differ by a special grace and charm.

How to learn to knit lacework?



Learn to make a crochet, without which it does not doNo openwork pattern. It is he, as well as tying together several loops and allow you to create this beautiful airy binding. To form the nakida, grab the right needle with the index finger on the left hand from the right to the left, moving towards you.


Learn how to read the patterns of openwork inSpecial journals. This will enable you to correctly connect the pattern you like. To do this, remember the meaning of the various symbols used in Russia and abroad.


Remember that if you need a cakeTo tie the front loop, then the cap is carried out in the forward direction, while the working thread lying on the right spoke is pointed back. In the case of following the back loop, the cap is made from the front to the rear, and the working thread lies on the right spoke, in the forward direction.


Study the diagram carefully before beginning mating. At the same time, it is necessary to think not only the binding of the front side, which is usually depicted in the diagram, but also purlative, in order to avoid possible mistakes that will lead to bandaging.


Begin to learn lace work with simple patterns,Which do not require special skills. Over time, the lacing of tracery patterns will become familiar, and it will be possible not only to correctly execute complex variants according to the scheme, but also to invent their own patterns, which will later create unique products.


Learn how to work with an openwork hook. This will help decorate the house with exquisite napkins, tablecloths, curtains or tie an open collar to a dress, a luxurious shawl and even a favorite toy for your child.


Try to knit to observe the uniform tightening of the loops and the tension of the working thread, so that the cloth is neat and smooth, and the pattern is accurate.

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