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How to Knit openwork

How to Knit openwork

Openwork crocheting or spokes allow to decorate any knitted decorative inserts, or create an original product, which will necessarily differ special grace and charm.

How to learn to knit openwork?



Learn to do nakida, without which no cost,none openwork pattern. It was he, as well as provyazyvaniya together several loops and allow the creation of this beautiful air binding. To form nakida Catch the right needle thread with the index finger on his left hand from right to left, the movement to him.


Learn to read the scheme in openwork knitprofessional journals. This will allow to properly associate desired pattern. To do this, note the value of different characters used in Russia and abroad.


Remember, if necessary, after nakidaknit front loop, then nakida performed in the forward direction, and the working thread, lying on the right spoke, towards the back. In the case of following nakida purl loops nakida made front to back, and the working thread is on the right spoke, in the forward direction.


Examine carefully the scheme before the start of breeding. It is necessary to consider not only provyazyvaniya front side, and which is usually depicted in the diagram, but the underside in order to avoid possible errors, which will result in banding.


Begin to learn lace knitting with simple patterns,which do not require special skills. Eventually vyvyazyvanie openwork patterns become habitual, and it will be possible not only to properly execute complex options under the scheme, but also come up with their own designs, which will continue to create unique products.


Learn to crochet lace knitting. This will help to beautify the house of exquisite napkins, tablecloths, curtains or tie to the dress collar delicate, luxurious shawl and even a favorite toy for your child.


Try knitting comply with uniform tightening of the loop and pull the working yarn to cloth was neat and smooth, and precise pattern.

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