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How to Knit men's vest

How to Knit men's vest

Each needlewoman can link to their loved ones warm and comfortable thing. For every man, big or small, this gift will vest as this versatile garment.

It can be worn on school and work, a business meeting and a picnic.

You will need

  • - 450 g wool pryazhi-
  • - Spokes number 3 and 3.5
  • - Circular needles number 3-
  • - Six buttons to match the yarn.



The number of loops knit vest in the instructionsdesigned for size 50. If you need to associate a thing of a different size, make their calculations. To associate this sample and calculate the required number of loops, depending on the size. Moreover, such a sample is recommended to knit, if the yarn is different from that required according to the description of the model.


Start knitting from the back. To do this, type in the spokes number 3106 loops and knit 5 cm rubber band 2x2 (two alternate facial and purl two loops). Then go to the spokes of number 3,5 and knit front embroidery. At a height of 42 cm from the beginning of knitting the two sides close to the knitted fabric for armholes three loops, then twice with two loops and two times for one loop. Then knit straight. At a height of 64 cm close six loops on each side. Repeat these subtraction four more times. The rest of the loop close to the neck. Knitting set aside and move on to the next part.


To the left ledge to dial needles number 3 64 loopsand knit 5 cm rubber band 2x2. In the last row, remove the hinge 9 at a large pin. Then go to the spokes of number 3,5 and knit front embroidery. Knit 42 cm, close to the armhole four loops, then two times two or three times in one loop. At the same time, start to diminish from the opposite side for neckline. For this subtract one loop every fourth row 14 times. For bevel shoulder close five times for six loops.


Right front knit similar manner, but in mirror image.


To tie bar, turn nine loopspins on the spokes number 3 and elastic knit 2x2 to the required length. It should be enough for half the length of the shelves and back neckline. On the left the bar, do the buttonholes, and make the first at a distance of 2.5 cm from the beginning of the bar. And the other five loops spaced 7.5 centimeters apart.


Finished parts moisten and let them dryhorizontal position. Fold the details right sides together and sew the shoulder and side sections. To shelves neatly sew strips. The ends of the straps connect a loop seam. On circular needle number 3 pick up the loop around the armholes and knit elastic band of 2-3 centimeters.

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