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How to knit a men's vest


How to knit a men's vest</a>

Each needlewoman can connect her family with a warm and comfortable thing. For any man, large or small, such a gift will be a waistcoat, as this clothing is universal.

It can be put on for study and work, for a business meeting and picnic.

You will need

  • - 450 g of wool yarn-
  • - spokes number 3 and 3,5-
  • - circular knitting needles No. 3-
  • - Six buttons per ton of yarn.



Number of loops for knitting a waistcoat in the instructionIs calculated on 50 size. If you need to tie a thing of another size, then make your calculations. To do this, tie the sample and calculate the number of loops required, depending on the size. In addition, it is recommended to knit this pattern if the yarn is different from that required by the model description.


Begin knitting from the back. To do this, dial 106 loops on knitting needles 3 and fasten 5 cm with an elastic band 2x2 (alternate two face and two purl loops). Next, go to the spokes number 3.5 and knit the front surface. At an altitude of 42 centimeters from the beginning of knitting, close both knitted fabrics for the armhole three loops, then two times two loops and two times one loop. Then knit straight. At a height of 64 centimeters, close six loops on each side. Repeat this reduction four more times. Rest the remaining hinges for the neck. Knit lay aside, and proceed to the next part.


For the left shelf, type on the spokes number 3 64 loopsAnd knit 5 centimeters of elastic band 2x2. In the last row, remove the 9 loops from the big pin. Next, go to the spokes number 3.5 and knit the front surface. After measuring 42 centimeters, close the four armholes for the armhole, then two times two and three times one loop. At the same time, start decreasing from the opposite side to cut the neck. To do this, subtract one loop in each fourth row 14 times. For the shoulder bevel, close five times six loops each.


The right shelf join in the same way, but in the mirror image.


To link the bar, translate the nine loops from thePins on spokes No. 3 and knit with an elastic band 2x2 for the required length. It should be enough for the length of the shelf and half the neck of the back. On the left lath, make a buttonhole, the first making at a distance of 2.5 centimeters from the beginning of the bar. And the other five loops are placed at a distance of 7.5 centimeters from each other.


Finished parts moisturize and allow them to dry inHorizontal position. Fold the details face down to each other and sew the shoulder and side cuts. Carefully sew the slats to the shelves. Connect the ends of the strips with a seam. On the circular knitting needles No. 3, lift the hinges around the armhole and tie it with a rubber band 2-3 centimeters.

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