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How to Knit edge

How to Knit edge

The edge, for all its simplicity, plays an important role Knits.

That from it largely depends shape precision of knitwear and its strength.

The choice of the edge depends on the method of knitting a set of loops, and he, in turn, should be ideally suited to a style of future things.



Dial the loop on the knitting needles in the traditional way, but starting from the first row, vyvyazhite selected pattern. This edge is considered to be universal and suitable for any product.


Use a mohair knitwearshnuroobrazny edging edge. For this purpose, the thread that is used to set loop, trifold, a first series of warp yarn vyvyazyvayut selected pattern.


Collect edge loops which serves toEducation buttonholes, the most reliable way. To do this, drag all dialed loop using needles through the first loop. Use this edge and where you need to keep the shape firmly.


Use the "Bulgarian set" for vyvyazyvaniyabeautiful and durable edge products. To do this in front of a traditional set, leave the free end of the thread, twice the length of the edges of the product. Then knit 1st row double-thread (the main thread and the set), 2nd row - the main thread. When knitting 3rd row loop knit purl loops and pulling - facial.


Decorate the edge of gloves, scarves and jumpersedge with fringe. To do this, type the first loop in the traditional way, and for the second - two spokes grab both strands on the index finger and bring them into the loop on the thumb. Then release your thumb and tighten the knot under the spokes. Again, apply the thread from the tangle on the index finger and tie the fringe to the desired length. The resulting double loops in the first row provyazyvayte together.


Use to decorate the garter and strengtheningbinding edge, which is called "thickened edge." For this set of loops produce as well as for products for mohair yarn folding three times. Unlike shnuroobraznoy edge here hinges dial alternately - one inside and the other - from the outside of the thumb. To edge turned tracery, in the first row of two loops along the front loop provyazyvayte hind thread and do nakida between them.

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