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How to knit an edge


How to knit an edge</a>

The edge, for all its simplicity, plays an important role in the knitted product.

It is from it that the accuracy of the form of knitwear and its strength depend to a greater extent.

The choice of the method of knitting the edge depends on the method of tying the loops, and he, in turn, should ideally approach the shape of the future thing.



Type the loops on spokes in the traditional way, and from the first row, tie the selected pattern. Such an edge is considered universal and suitable for any product.


Use for knitting mohair productsCord-like edge edge. To do this, fold the thread that is used for the set of loops, fold it three times, and remove the first row from the main thread using the selected pattern.


Pick up the loop for the edge, which serves toThe formation of buttonholes, in the most reliable way. To do this, pull all the typed loops with a spoke through the first loop. Use this edge and where you need to firmly hold the shape.


Apply the "Bulgarian set" for tyingBeautiful and durable edge of the product. To do this, before the traditional set, leave the free end of the thread, twice the length of the edge of the product. Then tie the 1st row with a double thread (the main thread and the set thread), the 2nd row is the main thread. When knitting the third row, loops are sewn with the wrong loops, and the broaches are sewn with the front loops.


Decorate the edges of mittens, scarves or sweatersEdge with fringe. To do this, type the first loop in the traditional way, and for the second - with the two spokes, grasp both threads on the index finger and pull them into the loop on the thumb. Then release the thumb and tighten the knot under the knitting needles. Again, put the thread from the tangle on the index finger and tie the fringe to the desired length. Obtain the double loops in the first row.


Use to decorate and strengthen the scarfKnitting edge, which is called "thickened edge". To do this, set the loops in the same way as for mohair products, folding the thread three times. Unlike the cord-like edge, here loops are typed alternately - one inside, and the other - outside the thumb. To the edge turned out openwork, in the first row, loop the two loops together with a face loop for the back threads, and between them make a cape.

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