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How to Knit crochet flowers

It is not necessary to water the flower.

Crochet - a very interesting handicrafts.

With the help of a hook and yarn to knit can be a variety of things, elements of the interior, as well as decorate the conventional product.

One of the decorative elements are knitted flowers.

You will need

  • Hook
  • Yarn (cotton is better)
  • Scissors



The first thing to pick up the thread and hook together. The thickness of the hook depends on the thread from which the flowers will be bred.


The next step is to select the color scheme. Species knitted myriad colors. You can confine solid colors, or find a more sophisticated multi-color scheme.


Then the flower fit for the selected scheme. For example, the simplest knitting flower is as follows.

Knits usual chain of 10 aerial loops. Then, the chain closed in a circle. 1st row: 1 provyazyvaetsya air loop for lifting and 15 columns without nakida by institutions in the middle of the ring of air loops.


Then provyazyvayutsya 3 air loop, then nakida done, then hook them between the first and second column of the previous row, and the thread is pulled. As a result, the hook is three loops.

Then the thread is captured by a hook and pulledfirst through the first two loops on the hook, then re-capture - and broaching through the remaining two loops on the hook. Thus the column is performed with nakida. The second column from the nakida need to knit, setting the stage for a hook in the same loop.


Thus alternate implementation of the entire series. Nakida with 1 column, then the column with 2 nakida provyazyvayutsya in one loop, and so on. Several finishes connecting loop.


Next next formed petals. Makes 2 air loop, then it fits in 1 column without nakida, 2 column with nakida provyazyvayutsya in one loop, 2 column with nakida provyazyvaem in one loop, 1 bar without nakida. Petal ready. Other knitted petals analogous scheme. At the end of the row fit the connecting loop. It remains to cut the thread - and ready to flower.

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