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How to knit beret with a visor

How to knit beret with a visor

Take belongs to the category of those hats that almost did not go out of fashion.

Felt, of thick cloth, leather or knitted beret can be worn with an elegant coat, and with a blazer. Make it possible with a visor.

This detail is not only able to give even the most unpretentious sophistication beret, but also protects the upper part of the face from wind and rain.

Assign a headpiece can be a spokes and hook.

You will need

  • - 150 g of yarn average tolschiny-
  • - Hook thickness pryazhi-
  • - Hook on fishing line.



It takes a visor It can be linked seamlessly, if we begin to implement itabove. When vyvyazyvanii top of the matter, the usual hook you use, or on the line. Tie a chain of 5 stitches and lock it in a circle. The bottom is better to knit in a spiral, not vyvyazyvaya stitches at the height of the row.


From the second start uniformly pleased to addloop. As a result, you should get almost flat bottom. It is only slightly arched upwards. Loop adds provyazyvaya 2 column in a column of the previous row. In addition the second row will go in each column, as follows - 2 and so on. The farther from the center, the greater the distance between additions. Do not forget to monitor the process and remember or write down, how many columns increasingly in each row.


Tie thus circle with a diameter of 25-27 cm,if you are using soft thick fur. The circle can be done and more. Perform 4-5 rows without additions. Then begin to diminish the loop in the same order in which you have them increased. Knit so long as you will not have a hole equal to the diameter of the head.


Make bezel, knit 4-5 rows withoutaddition and subtraction. This number is better not to knit a spiral, and the community, making the beginning of each row of 2 loops in the air high. Determine the location for the visor and mark the beginning and end of the thread of a different color. Mark the middle and also its mark.


The visor is made of two or four parts. If the thread tight and dense canopy can be a single layer. To take out the soft two-ply yarn is preferable. It can be done between the upper and lower portions of the gasket plastic material. The first row knit from the middle to the edges without the addition and subtraction. Turn the work. Make 2 loops on the rise, then 1 column, but not provyazyvayte them to the end, and slide on the line. The remaining columns of tie in the usual way. The second series, which starts from the middle, knit without additions, but do not touch are on the line loop. In the third row again make a chain and bar and move them to the line. There should be 4 loops. The fourth, fifth and sixth rows of knit straight.


In the seventh and ninth rows of clear air againloop start and the first column on the line. The even rows knit straight. Depending on the width of the visor, you can do one more cycle - desyatyy- eleventh and twelfth rows of straight-knit and the thirteenth and fifteenth remove the initial loop again. Finish knitting half on the sideline and knit all removed polustolbikami loops or simple bars.


Through the connection visor and knit bandnumber polustolbikov until mid-visor. The second half knit in the same way as the first, observing the symmetry. If a single-layer hood, the last series ended on the sideline and knit all removed bollards and chain stitches polustolbikami. Last loop should be in-line hood and edging.


To make the lower halves again knitto the middle of a series polustolbikov. Bind it is also in two parts, as well as the top. After a quarter-final finish, connect the upper and lower parts near polustolbikov, leaving the open part of the suture. Insert the gasket and close the whole joint.

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