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How to Knit amigurumi

How to Knit amigurumi

Lovely toys amigurumi appeared in Japan, the name is literally translated from Japanese as "knitted wrapped."

These little toy creatures, crochet, very soft, warm and cute, needlewomen won hearts and in our country.

You will need

  • - pryazha-
  • - kryuchok-
  • - Tapestry igolka-
  • - Fishing line, wire or waxed nit-
  • - Filler.



Any yarn suitable for knitting amigurumi: Cotton, for example, "iris", acrylic, angora. The only condition - it should not be thick. If you want to make a soft fluffy toy, knit mohair, angora or mixed yarn. To create texture thumbnails best suited twisted cotton thread. Also in the case will go to a variety of remnants of yarn that there left many handy people.


You will need to hook knitting, its valueIt should be one size smaller than recommended by the manufacturer (usually indicated on the label to the yarn). This is to ensure that the web was pretty tight.


Start knitting head. Make an air loop, or so-called "ring amigurumi" and then knit the first row of six columns without nakida. Further, all the knitting bars follow a spiral.


If you are not confident in your skills, usesomething round, for example, a tennis ball as a template. Apply it to your knitting and tie to the middle. Then remove it and continue knitting in the reverse order. Further knit body, which must be less than the head, legs and other parts necessary for the scheme.


Type in all parts of the vehicle. This can be sintepon, hollofayber, sintepuh or silicone. And the head should fill is not very tight, and the body, on the contrary, as closely as possible. This is to ensure that the toy has been stable since the head and so disproportionate. For the stability of the clutches can fill the balls, beads or other small plastic parts.


Connect all the pieces. Sew the head to the body of the same thread, which is knitted toy. Then, paws, ears, and other details.


Muzzle toys embroider tapestry needle withblunt tip so that it can not damage the knitted fabric. The nose and eyes with eyelashes can be purchased ready-made in stores for needlework and paste them on the muzzle. Mustache do from fishing line, wire or waxed thread.

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