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How to Knit a relief gum

How to Knit a relief gum

Crochet can be not only a graceful openworknapkins and light relief outfits. At a certain skill needlewoman able to perform this technique are things that usually make the spokes: socks, booties, gloves and so on.

The skillful combination of different loops allows even to create a fabric that looks like a rubber band.

To do this, use the raised bars (front, or convex and a back, or concave) and polustolbik nakida with (durable).

You will need

  • - kryuchok-
  • - a thread.



Make a chain of required quantitystitches according to the pattern of the future model. To the number of links (it must necessarily be a multiple of two) Priplyusuet one additional loop (it is necessary for the symmetry of the pattern) and two outer loops. For example: 16 + 1 + 2 = 19 stitches.


Perform a series of simple columns without nakida, and then pull the three air lift loop for the first relief column. Further work needs to be flipped.


Try to link relief gum. To do nakida and insert the hook (make the move from right to left) in the same "body" of the second column in a row without underlying nakida.


Slightly raise the bar and (encircling hisworking tool rod), grab a thread. Pull the loop and knit her like a column with nakida. The first column of the relief (convex face) ready.


Knit backing embossed column (concave), by introducing a hook under the bar of the previous row in the opposite direction - from left to right. Proceed on the model.


Take regular alternation and facialbackstitches relief columns in any sequence: a front and a back one (1x1) - two front and two backstitches (2x2) - one front and two backstitches (1x2), etc. From a combination of the loop will depend on the appearance of gum.


Dovyazav relief gum desired height, finish it next to a flange of the columns without nakida.


Work out in the knitting horizontal reliefgum. It is created by a series of sequential alternation of facial relief columns without nakida and strong columns (in the first row - columns without nakida- second - facial relief columns without nakida- in the third - a strong stolbiki- further repeated the second and third rows). In the upright position the appearance of such knitting is particularly close to the elastic web made on the spokes.

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