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How to knit a relief column with a crochet


How to knit a relief column with a crochet</a>

A relief column with a crochet is one of the basicElements of crochet, which is necessarily mastered by any needlewoman. With the help of this simple, and at the same time spectacular loop, we obtain three-dimensional patterned cloths.

Some combinations of such reliefs even imitate loops, knitted by spokes.

This is possible due to the facial (or convex) and purl (concave) varieties of columns.

You will need

  • - hook-
  • - a thread cotton or woolen.



Start work with relief columns from the chain of air loops. The length and number of links should be adjusted according to the pattern of the future product.


Make the first row of simple columns with a crochet. To do this, at the end of the air chain, perform a pair of lifting loops (this is the height of the future column).


Knit the crochet with a crochet. Hold the thread with the finger, then insert the hook into the third loop of the chain (the loop on the hook itself is the leading one, it does not count to the count). Grab the thread and pull it through the chain link. On your hook you should form a leading loop, a cape and a new loop.


Once again, drag the thread - now through the firstA pair of loops. Retrieve the thread and pull it through the remaining pair of hinges. In front of you there is a column with one crochet. Finish the ranks according to the pattern. Tie three loops to raise the future embossed column and turn the work.


Thread the thread on the hook rod (cape). Further the working tool should enter for the second column with the crochet of the underlying row. Pay attention - the column should lie on top of the hook!


Hook the thread and pull out the loop. Make it a simple column with a crochet. The result is a relay, or front, column, which in the manuals for knitting is also called convex.


Knit from the wrong side of the series concave (purl)Bars. For their execution, it is also necessary to make three lifting air loops. After this, the hook is inserted under the second column of the lower row


Continue to follow the series according to the pattern. Do not forget to alternate the facial columns (on the front side of the work) with the purlins (on its underside).

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