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How to Knit a relief column

How to Knit a relief column

To create a focus on the knitting pattern in the special columns are used, capable of imparting a drawing volume. Due to the multi-dimensional columns are called relief.

There are several ways to crochet relief columns.



Note that the bars are embossed concave and convex. A variety of such matings are also criss-crossed by a column and a column with a convex nakida.


To associate a concave relief column, link "gusenichka", or a number of stitches.


Now throw with a thread on the hook. Make nakida and try to hold the hook in front of the previous close. To do this, hook knitting, then directing it to yourself, go around the foot of the column of the preceding series of hook and bring it to the wrong side.


Throw the hook thread. Try to return the hook and the yarn in exactly the same way to the top. Getting ready concave relief column. Then knit the same way until, until a desired pattern width you.


To associate a column with a convex nakida as usual tie a row of air loops. Then throw with a thread on the hook.


Try to hold the hook with nakida forcolumn of the preceding row. To do this, print the hook on the underside, go around the base of the column on the reverse side, guiding him over, and drag the hook on the front side of knitting.
If you continue to perform the same actions, you will eventually get a convex column with nakida desired value.


Crossover column tally by crossing loops at work. For the knitting of the relief column knit a number of stitches.


Now, the second from the hook, ie the far loop, knit the first column of the convex column with nakida.


Thereafter, in the first loop of the hook knitthe second column with embossed convex nakida. As a result, you get two columns. Visually, they will look interlaced crosswise. Start crossed-column set. Continue need without changing the sequence of the creation of loops.

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