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How to Knit a Macrame


How to Knit a Macrame</a>

Technique of knotted weaving - macrame is known since ancient times.

This technique was owned by masters of Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Peru, Greece, China.

Nowadays this kind of needlework again becomesPopular and not without reason, because from ordinary-looking ropes with the help of knots you can create a wide variety of ornaments, pots, napkins, panels, purses, handbags and even clothes.

You will need

  • - rope-
  • - scissors-
  • - needle-
  • - ruler-
  • - pillow-
  • - pins.



For weaving in the technique of macrame, linen andHemp ropes, twine, cotton, synthetic or silk threads, sisal or flat tape, as well as strips of leather and woolen yarn. The main condition for the material to be weaved was pliable, moderately twisted, but very durable.


For a start, practice knitting simple knots. The main is the so-called Hercules knot. For this you need 2 threads of 10 centimeters. Put them vertically on the pillow. Secure the end of each thread with pins. Guide the right thread under the left one, and the left one from the bottom up into the resulting loop. Tighten the knot. Do the following in the same way.


For braiding the first flat knot, fix 2Thread based on the middle. The outer threads are workers, the two threads in the middle are the base. Guide the right working thread to the base and under the left working loop, and place the left under the stem and under the loop under the left. Tighten the assembly. If you knit the knots in this order, you get a twisted chain, and if you change the position of the threads in each node, you get a square flat knot. & Nbsp-


Having mastered the simplest nodules, go to moreComplex and interesting. For example, try to make a node "Gourmand". Fasten the 2 threads on the base and knot the knots in the following sequence: the second-first-second or first-second-first.


For a node called "Chameleon", attach it to theBased on 2 threads and tie one square knot. Then swap the working threads and the base. The warp threads, which have become workers, make one more square knot. This pattern looks very nice, if it is made of threads of two contrasting colors. & Nbsp-Combining the listed nodes, it is possible to weave the simplest product: a flower plate or pots for a flower pot.

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