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STYLE kitsch interior

The style kitsch interior

Kitsch first is not a style, it arose in response to the other styles. In fact it is a combination of all the kitsch and lots of it.

Initially considered kitsch bad taste, inept forgery stylish interior, but at the moment there is quite thought-out interior of this style.

The most common modern kitsch interiors ridicule, or any features of the old style, shocking his audience.



The main rule for the combination of kitsch is notthe combination, broken all the old rules. Kitsch laughs rules of symmetry, color combinations and harmonies. Kitsch on the verge of bad taste, so that only professionals can create it. But even professional kitsch no longer shocking. Most often it is chosen for public buildings or people very bold, because in everyday life, he could quickly tire.


When decorating the walls of the floor and ceiling, use wildcolor combinations, acid pink and acid green, strict English wallpaper combine with blue linoleum. The kitsch marble can easily get along with plastic and velvet foam. There are no rules, that's the main rule.


Put ancient columns in a small space, and even paint them in cutting the eye color. Add as much gold, gold-plated all that is possible, for example foam moldings.


Feel free to combine country and rococo, classical forms of furniture fulfill in plastic. Enter as many fakes and Deshevki. Put plastic antique sculptures.


The abundance of decoration is another feature of kitsch. The decor, as well as the rest of the interior, incongruous or style or color. The paintings can be hung on the wall is not traditionally a ceiling.

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