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Style of kitsch in the interior</a>

Kitsch at first was not at all a style, it arose in response to all other styles. In fact, kitsch is a combination of everything and in large numbers.

Originally kitsch was considered a bad taste, an inept fake stylish interior, but now there are quite thoughtful interiors of this style.

Most often modern kitsch-interiors deride, which are either features of old styles, shocking their viewers.



The main rule for kitsch is this combination is notCombined, breaking all the old rules. Kitsch laughs at the rules of symmetry, the combination of colors and harmony. Kitsch balances on the brink of bad taste, so it can only be created by professionals. But even a professional kitsch will not stop shocking. Most often it is chosen for public buildings or people are exceptionally bold, because in everyday life it can quickly tire.


When decorating the walls of the floor and ceiling, use wildCombination of colors, acid pink with acid-green, strict English wallpaper combine with blue linoleum. In kitsch marble can easily get along with plastic, and velvet with foam. No rules, that's the main rule.


Put the antique columns in a small space, and even paint them in the cutting eye color. Add as much gold as possible, gild everything you can, for example foam stucco.


Feel free to combine country and rococo, classical forms of furniture in plastic. Get as many fakes and cheap stuff as possible. Put plastic antique sculptures.


Abundance of decor is another feature of kitsch. Decor, as well as the rest of the interior, is incongruous neither in style nor in color. Pictures can be hung not traditionally on walls but on the ceiling.

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