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White kitchen</a>

Kitchens of white color have long entered the interior fashion. They can be found in apartment houses of the Soviet era or in presentable new buildings.

Why are white kitchens so popular?

The design of the white kitchen combines the two mainThe requirements of the housewives are comfort and practicality. This color scheme carries a powerful charge of purity, calmness, freshness. Against this background, any color will look good - whether it's pastel or bright color.
White glossy kitchen
Not for nothing with the word "gloss" is often usedAdjective "refined". This texture changes the space, filling it with a noble mood, and not banal motives. Glossy kitchens have a deep color structure, easy to wash, effectively reflect light. You can dilute the gloss shine with some wooden elements, matte impregnations of different texture - it will look very original. The design of the kitchen with a white headset is the perfect background for such experiments!
White corner kitchen
Corner kitchen is a good prospect for the limited quadrature of the room. But only highly skilled specialists in the field of truly functional fill the kitchen with the right ingredients.
A good option is to organize in the middle of the kitchenIsland structures, where there may be a place to eat food or a work area. These buildings can be surrounded by bright chairs, then the interior of the corner kitchen will become relevant and a special atmosphere.
Helpful Tips
Yes, there are many advantages to white cuisine, but considerAnd dangerous tricks of such an interior. For example, the exceptionally white kitchen will look faceless and sterile without objects of different structures and saturated colors.
Do not be afraid to use different shades of whiteColors - ivory, cream, creamy, milky white. This will saturate the room so that it is not faded. The white color itself serves as a background for the selected textures and color variations.
Embodiment of your ideas, do not be afraid to experiment, then the white kitchen will be the ideal cloth for modern innovations.

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