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KITCHEN lime color

Kitchen lime color

Color lime - a nice shade of yellow-green color, it is in itself creates a feeling of freshness. Yet he is able to lift the mood.

Juicy tone is good to decorate the kitchen, giving cheerfulness paired with a good appetite.

Kitchen set

Kitchen set the color of lime - verycommon use of this color in the kitchen. This color looks good with beige, bright, white tones as well as dark brown and chocolate. Often the color of lime is used in two-color facade system.


If the issue color lime walls, the small kitchen "come to life", will be more colorful. But in the large dining room you can apply this color - to experiment, because the color of lime is suitable for all types of cuisine.


An interesting solution - the ceiling in this issuecolor, then fit the glossy stretch ceilings lime color. Complement such an interesting solution for interior shades of the same color, as well as kitchen utensils bright colors.


Or you can choose the furniture for kitchen lime green. For example, a bright sofa and a kitchen corner that the yellow-green color and looks great in a large and a small kitchen. It received a very unusual piece of furniture.


Colour Lime is not recommended to combine with shineth not; yea, and netemnymi tones, they paid off so bright and radiant color, the charm of freshness simply disappear.

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