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INTERIOR kitchen in Scandinavian style


Kitchen interior in Scandinavian style</a>

When creating a kitchen in Scandinavian style little furniture is used - only the most necessary elements of it. This, as a rule, a wooden kitchen set, chairs, table and shelves - nothing superfluous.

Furniture is equipped with glass, wicker or metal elements, emphasizing the "cold roots" of the Scandinavian style.

Color for Scandinavian cuisine

White is the main color of Scandinavian style,Which is used in the interior of kitchens. White color is present almost everywhere - in decoration, furniture, accessories. It is desirable to dilute the white color with natural shades (gray, sand, brown, blue), so that the room does not look too dull. Cream color and the color of melted milk will bring warmth, yellow or turquoise shades will add brightness.


The finishing of the kitchen should be dominated by naturalMaterials: first the walls should be plastered, trimmed with brick or tile laying, wooden decorative panels, floor tiled with stone or wooden boards.


Lighting takes in the Scandinavian cuisine an importantrole. There should be a lot of light, so that the windows are curtained with translucent light curtains that pass sunlight well. When the window is small, you can not even hang curtains, using artificial lighting: wall and ceiling lamps, lighting facades with a working area.

Kitchen accessories in Scandinavian style

Of the accessories fit linen napkins, tablecloths, clay plates, towels, covers on chairs. Be sure to arrange pots of flowers.

The interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style is a "natural" restrained decoration, which is suitable for small kitchens, as well as for kitchen-living rooms in this style.

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